Is Mack Mills Multiple Income Funnel a Scam?

The dream of making enough money to live the “good life” is something that many people would like to experience. This dream is something that most people want to accomplish in life. This is why online business offerings such as Multiple Income Funnel is available for people. This marketing system provides them with a chance to earn a decent living and not to have to worry about money. While Multiple Income Funnel is available for a person to use, it doesn’t mean that this program isn’t a scam. Is Multiple Income Funnel a scam? That is what this information will address within this article.

What is an income funnel?

An income funnel is a process that defines how people can earn money from a financial stream or method. More to the point, it outlines how a person can use an income stream to continuously earn money. The sales pipeline is highlighted through the income funnel procedure. First, a business presents a product or service. Second, a consumer who needs (or desires) a particular product or service realizes that they are available in the market.

Third, the consumer will evaluate (research) their options for products and services. Finally, they will make a purchase based on what they believe to be best suited for them. This is how the funnel process works. There are many different types of funnels. Sales funnels and income funnels are among the most popular types for businesses.

Sales funnels focuses on the process of selling things for businesses. The income funnel focuses on the financial side of things and how to generate income. Income funnels are primarily used by individuals more so than enterprises. Still, businesses do use them. Once a person has an income funnel, they can begin to earn money from different income streams. Easy1Up and Traffic Authority are two programs that represent the income funnel marketing scheme. Like Marketing Income Funnel they provide multiple income funnels for people to improve their finances.

Why would someone need multiple income funnels?

Having multiple income streams just makes sense for individuals. Classic financial wisdom states that people need to have multiple income streams to have a continuous flow of money coming into their possession. This is important for maintaining financial stability and financial growth. The Multiple Income Funnel does provide different streams to help people to earn a decent income. It also helps people to keep money in their pockets. So, this program just makes sense for those two reasons.

Who created Multiple Income Funnel?

Mack Mills is an alleged serial entrepreneur. He allegedly created Multiple Income Funnel to help people to excel in life. He wanted to make sure that people were able to make money and not be stuck in a dead in job. Mack Mills also had other jobs as well. He can be seen in some pictures promoting some of his various endeavors.

Important Multiple Income Funnel Selling Points

What are some important selling points for the Multiple Income Funnel? They are listed below.

  • The program doesn’t require technical skill or experience.
  • Users can earn quick commissions.
  • The system is designed with a plug and play format.
  • It has 4 multiple income streams.
  • Users don’t have to do much work to get money.

These various features are very important to people. It helps them to put forth little effort in order to make money. Many people are attracted to cash making opportunities that are designed like this. They want to do as little as possible while making as much as they can.

This Income Funnel System has 4 income streams. Here’s a brief description of each:

a. Multiple Income Funnel

This is Mack Mills referral system and users can earn $20 for every person they get to sign up to become a part of this funnel program. The initial cost is $49 a month.

b. Easy1Up

This is an e-learning income funnel. It teaches people how to market on the internet and in the real world. Users can earn between $25 and $2000. It also comes with an affiliate marketing program.

c. is a messaging software system that gives users the ability to message prospects that drive traffic to businesses and other sites. Users can earn between $100 – $500 for these referrals.

d. Traffic Authority

Traffic authority allows users to purchase solid traffic lists. These lists include training information from top marketers that show people how to drive traffic. Again, people are referred to this system and the person making the referrals receives a commission for every person that signs up.

These are the 4 income streams that comes with the programs. They supposedly help people to automatically generate money without having to do a lot of work.

About the Multiple Income Funnel Website

People who are interested in joining this program or at least evaluating it will have to put their name and email address into a search field. This search field will take people to the Multiple Income Funnel website. Once users get to the site, they will be able to view the Multiple Income Funnel system program.

One of the best things about this site is that it provides lots of information for viewers. At the top of the site is a start here link. Users will click this on to learn general information about the site. There is a link and traffic button that provides information about these two aspects of the programs. You will get to see a support team when you click on the team link. There are also links for leads, leader boards, and resources. There is also a “my business” link for users to monitor their business.

On the top right part of the site is a bonus income streams button. This button presents some bonus income streams for affiliates to use. In the middle part of the screen there are 4 steps for affiliates to follow.

  • Step 1 Watch this First

This step will provide more information about the program.

  • Step 2 Setup Income Streams

This button shows you how to set up different income streams that are available on the site.

  • Step 3 Setup E-Wallet

This button provides information about setting up an e-wallet for receiving and making payments.

  • Step 4 Backoffice Tour

This button provides a deeper understanding of the program, its managers, and what it really can do for people.

There is another row of buttons that are designed for each income stream for affiliates to earn money. The site has a shopping cart and other features as well.

The site is not vague. It does provide information about the program. This is a huge bonus because it doesn’t leave people wondering if this program is real or not. Also, it doesn’t give you the feeling that its fake or somehow misleading people. The site makes this opportunity look valid and it has enough information on it to ensure that people can see what they are getting into.

Facebook is used to Help Promote the Site

A Facebook page is set up for Multiple Income Funnel and it provides different bits and pieces for information about the program. Mack Mills doesn’t show his face on this social media account. There are different pictures about people making money. It also has a Facebook transparency message on the web page, or it could have been put there by Mack Mills. Also, the program’s Facebook page has testimonies from people who use the program.

The Eye Test for Multiple Income Funnel

Here is something to think about when you evaluate an online website to see if it is a scam. What does your gut instinct tell you? More importantly, what are your eyes telling you? In the sports world industry insiders can quickly gauge the skill, ability, talent, and substance of a player or team by giving them the eye test. This simple test requires a scout, coach, or team manager to look at a player or organization and evaluate how they performed based on what they see.

The eye test is extremely important for sports and it is just as important for judging the validity of website. If you use the eye test on Multiple Income Funnel, you’ll get mixed results. Here is the explanation for this assumption.

Mack Mills seems like he is a legit guy. However, his Multiple Income Funnel program seems like it can’t deliver what it promises. If it did, why isn’t there more concrete evidence for this fact. While he has a transparent enough website; how come there isn’t noticeable contact information for users. How come Mack Mills online presence seems to be somewhat secretive or guarded. If you search for him on the internet, you’ll get some “thug” looking dudes more often than you would get the actual Mack Mills who created the Multiple Income Funnel scheme.

The eye test says that this program is potentially solid, but it seems to lack something. I just can’t put my finger on it. It’s like trying to pass off a B movie for major Blockbuster Hollywood film. While some B movies are really good, you just know there is difference between a Hollywood made motion picture and one made on a low budget. That is how Multiple Income Funnel comes across in its presentation. It somehow seems like it is not able to deliver on its promise of wealth. Of course, it is based off the eye test. This brings up the next point which we’re going to discuss about Mack Mills.

Mack Mills Complaints

In the last section it was mentioned that Mack Mills comes up a lot on the internet. However, his name is often associated with guys who look like they’re hustlers, rappers, thugs, or street hoods. Truthfully, the name Mack Mills does sound like a hip hop artist’s name. However, it is not. Mack Mills is just the name of the guy presenting this program.

He has a blog or some type of page where he vents his frustration about being called a scammer. He goes into a rant about how he doesn’t the like the way that people sit in their momma’s basement bashing his program. He also defends himself against people who say that his program isn’t designed to make money for affiliates. Instead, it rips them off.

When you look at Mack Mills and his online persona (remember the eye test) you kind of get the feeling that he might be about that life. I’m not saying that he is a gangsta, thug, or hustler but I do believe that he might just be a little bit shady. I don’t think that he is breaking the law with his services. I just believe he tries to see how far he can go (legally) with getting over on people. Again, that is just the vibe I get from him.

Truthfully, he could be a good dude, but I will never know. He just comes across like his program is going to transform your life into something great. Deep down inside, you know that this won’t happen. Mack Mills does get some good reviews from people as well. So, he could be classified like a mixed bag just like his program.

Mixed Reviews about Multiple Income Funnel

Multiple Income Funnel reviews provide mixed evaluations of this program. This is one reason why this program seems suspect. Most people know from experience that if a company is constantly getting good reviews, they are normally a legit place to do business.

Here is an unspoken truth you should think about when it comes to doing business with an enterprise. Most businesses that are legit and well-received by the public, usually do not get a lot of bad publicity. Sure, every company has it flaws and every business its negative points. However, some businesses are able to overcome their short comings because they are good organizations.

Multiple Income Funnel seems like they’re playing both sides of the fence. On the one hand they are highly regarded by some people. On the other hand, there is a lot of bad press about this marketing system. Truthfully, it can be hard to realistically gauge where this program really stands.

Here is something else that you should know. There are reviews where people say that they are losing lots of money with this system and it is a waste of time. Other reviews say that the affiliates made money and they have been living the good life just like the program states.

This can be confusing and problematic for people who are trying to figure out if they want to join. Truthfully, if an organization causes you a lot of confusion or leaves you feeling a little uneasy or unsure, you probably should avoid it.

Multiple Income Funnel is not Guaranteed to Work

Mack Mills and other Multiple Income Funnel users are quick to claim that his program is guaranteed to work. This claim is not true. Again, some people might have made money from this program, but they seem to pay out more than they are taking in.

Some former affiliates claimed that they were able to make some money when they first started off. Then they noticed they were getting charged for leads and other things to keep their business going. Eventually, many of these people realized they were starting to lose money. This didn’t sit well with many some affiliates. They decided to leave the program when they had to pay out more than they were taking in.

Also, some people were claiming that they had to work extremely hard to make money. They could not understand this. They seemed like they were putting in an awful amount of time to get this business going. Remember, the program advertisements claim that you can make money instantly. These ads also state that you don’t have to work that hard to get the money.

Well, some people who worked with the program realized that they were making money, but they had to put forth a huge effort to get it. Also, the amount of money they were making was not comparable to the amount of time they were putting into the program. This money-making system forced many people to work around the clock trying to verify leads and trying to get people to sign up for the system.

Also, the multiple income streams made them work hard. Each stream requires some type of daily work to make them profitable. That is, if an affiliate can make a profit from their effort. Again, this program is not always going to work. However, it does make the guarantee that it does.

We all have heard of the statement that results will vary by individual and effort. However, Multiple Income Funnel was supposedly able to overcome this problem through its 4 income making funnels. Affiliates still had to work to get some cash. Once they made some cash, they had to give it up to keep their business going. Again, this program is not guaranteed to work.

The Final Verdict about Multiple Income Funnel

Multiple Income Funnel is probably a legitimate scam. What that means is that the business is a legit program that is not doing anything illegal. However, the process that is being used to operate this system is designed to take people’s money and not to make them rich.

One of the most condemning statements made about this marketing system is some people calling it a complex pyramid scheme. This is one statement that Mack Mills heartily fought to keep away from his program. He doesn’t see his program as a pyramid scheme because affiliates are getting an income generating service for their money.

The program is not just signing people up and not giving them anything in return. He is giving them an opportunity to make money. Again, this is probably legit. Otherwise, somebody probably would have outright exposed him, and he would have probably been in jail if he duped people out of millions. However, this has never happened. Again, this program is legit, but it probably won’t deliver in the way people expect.

Some people might be able to figure out Mack Mills hustle and make money off this program. However, most people will not be able to do this. The people that do make money from this program will probably lose most of what they make trying to keep their program afloat.

Multiple Income Funnel is a program that people will have to figure out on their own. If a person believes they can exploit this program and get money, more power to them. However, if a person doesn’t think that this program is no good, they probably won’t join.

The program is a mixed bag, and it is hard to see who is lying and telling the truth about the program’s validity. Still, if something seems confusing then it probably is no good. Still, just because you don’t something or that it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Again, every person will have to make their own mind about Mack Mills Multiple Income Funnel system.

4 thoughts on “Is Mack Mills Multiple Income Funnel a Scam?”

  1. From an ex-member of MIF…. yes you can make money and I did BUT nobody tells you about the $2 they take of your commission for member sign ups and the other 50cents they take off when withdrawing the money (and let’s not start about withdrawing in crypto, not once did they send me the correct $-amount… not even when the currency was rising). Mack Mills is a rather arrogant person. It is the norm to talk in a not very nice way to people in the MIF group. It also does not get communicated in the income stream videos that when you eg buy into Easy1Up you should take the highest level, as otherwise it is super unlikely that you get any money sent your way. Neither do they explain the pass-up payment which causes frustration with people new to the online marketing space. And even though I am fully capable of using search engines to find out about such things, I noticed that a good portion of people tend to build up trust to the person in the videos and not ask any questions. So again: Easy1Up, Textbot and OPMWealth have a pass-up system! Educate yourself before you join a system.

    Conclusion: Does the system work? YES Would I join again? NO!

    • W@W Amy! Thank You so much for sharing your detailed and thorough experience with the MIF “opportunity” I appreciate your honesty & candidness!


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