Is Successful Solution Method a Scam? 2021 Successful Solution Method Review

Successful Solution Method is an online affiliate marketing program. This program allows users to set up links on various websites that direct traffic back to their organization. Successful Solution Method is a legitimate business that located in Albany, New York. However, the Better Business Bureau gives this business a D+ rating. Why would this business get such a low rating? Is it a legit organization? Are they trying to hide something? Do they take their client’s money and run? Is this enterprise a really a scam? Well, the answer to these questions will be answered in the following Successful Solution Method review.

What is affiliate marketing and how does Successful Solution Method fit this activity?

Successful Solution Method uses an affiliate marketing scheme to help people to make money. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a process where an individual or another company directs customers to a business. This business function can happen in the real world when people refer others to a business. It also happens on the internet.

The affiliate process works on the internet when affiliates place links, buttons, banners, and/or ads onto a site to direct traffic back to an online retail outlet. The affiliate can place links onto websites, landing pages, blogs, social media accounts, videos, and any other digital platform that allows digital links to other pages.

Many affiliate marketers create their own sites to provide this service. They can also direct service back to other sites by using other digital media outlets. This method does not work for all people. Still, it is a valid way for some people to make money.

Successful Solution Method provides users with the ability to provide links to other sites. Once a person joins up with this organization, they will be given the ability to place various linking materials onto other sites and pages. These links will then direct traffic back to Successful Solution Method.

What does Successful Solution Method offer to affiliates who join their site?

The site claims that affiliates will be rewarded with a money and other perks once they sign up. They provide success coaches, team membership opportunities, and they show users how to get started with their affiliate program. They have a telegram group and they also give users the ability to upgrade their status. A telegram group is a program that allows users to build large communities of 200,000 people. They also have a telegram app that can be used for this purpose. Account holders are encouraged to use this service to link up with other affiliates within the Successful Solution Method. This is done so they can build a huge following of clients. Also, account holders can upgrade their levels to earn more money.

Where do you go to register for this program?

People can sign up for this program at The site will guide a person through the sign up process.

Facebook Membership and Successful Solution Method

The company uses Facebook to promote its business. Their Facebook page provides some vague information about the program and it shows the apparent success of some of its affiliates. They have close to 13,000 members for their Facebook group and it is operated by a person (group) named Boss Mom Mission. Boss Mom Mission specializes in internet marketing endeavors. This person (group) has a variety of different marketing schemes in operation. Successful Solutions Method is one of the different marketing schemes that is used by this organization. They do show a picture of a young lady on the Boss Mom Mission profile, but the site seems like it is being run by a group of people instead of just her. Again, it is vague if this is a group or individual.

The Facebook profile shows different posts form different people associated with the Successful Solutions. Many of these people seem like they are making big bucks. However, it doesn’t seem like this can be verified. Honestly, it seems as if many of these pictures have been randomly taken from different people looking like they’re being successful at making money. However, the profile claims that they are valid.

More Information about Successful Solution Method Website

The Successful Solution Method website looks generic and it has vague information on it. There isn’t a lot of information about the company for people to evaluate. On the site’s homepage they simply explain the affiliate marketing process and provides brief information about the type of commission that a person can make from the site. This is not enough information for people to reasonably evaluate the site. Honestly, it is almost like they are providing people with little information with the hope they will automatically sign up without understanding what this site is really about.

The site has a manage account link at the top of the site. They also have a sign-up form on the home page and a sign-up link that is also located at the top of the site. Again, the site is very vague about what it offers and what it really entails for a person to join. It also gives a simplified and vague explanation about what it requires for users to make money. The site doesn’t provide any contact information.

Honestly, the site looks simple, and it looks like it was quickly put together with the company’s generic logo added to it. This site doesn’t look convincing or like it is a legit business. Still, it has been registered with the BBB. However, has not been accredited with this organization.

A Further Look at the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Evaluation of this Program

The BBB is the premiere business evaluation organization that scrutinizes businesses for their legitimacy. If a business is really worth something, they will have a positive BBB rating. When the BBB accredits an organization it simply means that they pass out a report about the organization’s ability to meet the requirements for being a good business. They usually pass out a grade that shows how a business did according to their accreditation standards.

Successful Solutions Method received a D+. This should alarm a lot of people. The BBB’s grading scale is between A to F. When a company receives a D+, that is not the worst rating it could receive but it is far from the best. This grade represents that a business is barely below average. What this means is that they are just one step away from being a complete bust.

Keep in mind many people would not be happy with their kids coming home with D+’s their report cards. In some people’s minds this might as well be an F. A D+ doesn’t mean that a person is completely failing it shows that they are not giving their all or they are not smart enough to at least get to that C (average) rating. Unfortunately, this is the kind of feeling you get from Successful Solutions Method.

The company does not put forth a good presentation of its service. They also are very vague about what they offer and do for affiliates. Even though, they do provide a generic explanation. Finally, the company just focuses on their affiliates “supposedly” making all this money, but no one can seem to really verify this fact.

YouTube Testimonials about Successful Solutions Method

This site also has YouTube testimonials from different people that use this affiliate program. Most of the videos about this program points out how various people are constantly making money. As a matter of fact, they spend at least half of their time talking about how people are making money through this platform.

The video’s narrator goes on and on about the people who supposedly receive consistent payments from Successful Solutions. The narrators then make some more generic statements about the program. They say it works and they also say it performs well. They go on and on about making money through this outlet. The information they tell us is vague and again it’s not convincing.

Also, if you look closely at the comment sections for these videos, they seem like the people commenting are basically saying the same thing but in slightly different ways. As a matter of fact, each video about Successful Solutions Method has comments that appear in the same as they do for other videos with this title.

When you consistently see the same type of comments for a video, some type of likes or comment service was used to provide these remarks. It is not being stated that Successful Solutions Method is taking this approach, but they are strongly suspect of this activity. Generally speaking, most people will provide comments that are different in length and they will have different phrases and words. Some of them will have the same basic meaning as others but there will always be differences. The comments for these videos tend to be the same.

Finally, the videos are very vague about the service itself. They focus on people supposedly making money every day. They also focus on some basic parts of the site such as registering or what kind of money that could be made. Again, none of this can be proven with facts.

Successful Solutions Method supposedly does Online Tasks

Some people claim that Successful Solutions Method requires people to perform some online tasks. Once again, they are very vague or cannot fully explain what these tasks are. No one who works for the company or who is an affiliate can come out and say what the tasks require a person to do. Instead, they stay things like: “you just do online tasks to get money”, “the tasks require you to perform certain actions”, “if you want to earn money then you will need to do tasks to get it”.

Again, this is very suspect. If people who work for a company cannot fully explain what you have to do for an organization, then something is not right. Everybody should have been able to explain what affiliates should be able to do to make money. This doesn’t make sense. This a strong indication that this organization is not on the up and up.

There is Strange Talk about Successful Solutions Method Affiliates Offering Products and Services

Affiliate marketing does not involve selling products or services. The key to affiliate marketing is to send traffic (potential customers) to another business. Affiliate marketers are not necessarily sellers. They are just middlemen who refer people to retail outlets.

Some Successful Solutions Method affiliates claim that workers for the company must provide some type of product or service for getting people to buy into their program. This is strange. Why would an affiliate company need to do this? Again, they’re just supposed to refer people to a site. This doesn’t make much sense.

Selling a product or service is important when you are taking people’s money. If not, you are committing some type of fraud. It is an illegal activity. If you constantly tell people to sign up for your program and you give them nothing in return, then you are committing a form of theft. Some affiliate marketers who claim to use Successful Solutions Method have made videos stating this very thing.

Here is something else to think about, if an affiliate marketing company was legit, why would there be people making these kinds of videos? Again, this does not make sense. The people were saying these things about Successful Solutions Method were indirectly calling the organization a pyramid scheme.

Keep in mind that a pyramid scheme is a business that recruits people with the promise of payments or a service for enrolling other people into their program. A business is also a pyramid scheme when they do not offer a service, an investment, or product for sale to the people they are enrolling. This is what some people were actually stating about the Successful Solutions Method. They did not come right out and directly say that this program was a pyramid scheme but the language they used seemed to indicate that is what they thought of it.

Steep Fees for Signing Up with Successful Solutions Method

The company requires members to pay steep sign-up fees. The sign-up fees are listed below.

  • Bronze Package-$125
  • Silver Package-$325
  • Gold Package-$500
  • Platinum Package-$1000
  • Diamond Package-$2000

Traffic Packages

  • 125 Leads-$250.00
  • 175 Leads-$350.00
  • 225 Leads-$550.00

As you can see, you are going to pay some hefty cash to get started in one of these programs. Here is something that you should know. You should never have to pay a company to make money or to work. If you do, then you shouldn’t work that organization. Remember, a good opportunity will usually set you up to be successful and collect money from you later. Paying in advance is a very dangerous thing because chances are you are not going to be successful at the job and you will then lose the money you invested. If you somehow manage to become successful, it will only be a temporary success and you more than likely end up losing your money over the long run. This is especially true for people who decide to pay $2000 to be a Diamond-Package affiliate marketer. Why would anyone pay $2000 of their hard-earned money to become an affiliate marketer when they clearly will not make that money back? Unfortunately, some people do it.

You can also purchase leads that start at $250 for 125 potential customers. Again, this is madness. Nobody in their right mind should waste $250 on a list of people “who might be” interested in joining this program. Also, why would an affiliate marketer need leads, instead of setting up links to drive traffic to sites. They should be able to find their own companies to set up affiliate links and the company should support them. Again, this doesn’t make sense for an affiliate company.

The fee and lead prices are extremely overpriced, and they too are misleading. They make people feel like they are going to automatically have people purchasing the program when they probably won’t. Again, this site is strongly suspect.

Here are Some More Red Flags about Successful Solutions Method Affiliate Program

Some of their affiliates stated that they were supposed to receive help from a coach, but that coach never called or texted them about anything. Some people also stated that they were given training videos that were okay, and others say the videos were good. However, the information seemed vague and very basic.

People also stated that you are expected to keep buying more and more traffic if you are able to progress. They expect their affiliates to spend $250 every two weeks on purchasing traffic. Again, this makes no sense. Why would an affiliate marketer need to spend $250 every two weeks on purchasing traffic to their links or to Successful Solutions Method’s company?

Some people say the company banned them when they refused to pay money. Some people paid for traffic and never got their money back. Others had to wait for a long time to get a refund for unused traffic. All these different experiences put up a lot of red flags for the organization.

Is Successful Solutions Method a Scam

The validity of Successful Solutions Methods can now be summed up. This company is a legitimate business. It does have a valid Albany, New York address and even provides a phone number. However, you have to get this information off the Better Business Bureau’s website. The BBB lists the company’s contact information. Successful Solutions Methods makes this information hard to find on their site since they don’t make it apparent where to find it.

The site is very vague and kind of misleading. While the site does briefly explain what it does, the explanation seems more like a definition for affiliate marketing that can be pulled from an online dictionary site. Also, the company only provides viewers their front page and the ability to sign up on or log into the site. The site doesn’t provide any other type of information about the company or the tasks other than what is on the front page.

The testimonials are extremely vague, and they seem generic. Some of them are probably real, but most of them are probably fake. There doesn’t seem to be a clear leader of the business. There isn’t any about information for the company on their site. They also do not have a web presence other than a few testimonial and reviews on the internet. They also have shady videos that seem fake and unconvincing.

The enormous sign-up fees are very questionable. The fact that affiliates have to purchase traffic or leads is senseless. The cheapest lead list is $250 and there is no guarantee that anyone is going to get a sale from this list. Also, the affiliate marketers are expected to sign people up for the company instead of driving traffic back to the site.

If they do drive traffic back to the site, they get a cut of the money when people sign up, but they don’t necessarily offer people anything other than a list for potential leads. By the way, some people who used the site even claim that they should offer a product or service other than just a list of leads. Again, this strongly indicates a pyramid scheme.

The company doesn’t have good representation in terms of support and customer service. Also, the people at the company are not clear about tasks and they seem not to be on the same page about the business itself. The Facebook page looks like it was thrown together by a person who probably doesn’t work for the company. It does not look professional but like someone’s private page posing as a business. Also, the name, Boss Mom Mission, just doesn’t sound like it should be affiliated with Successful Solutions Method.

Here is something else to think about. Why would someone (or a group) call their affiliate business Successful Solutions Method? This is extremely vague, and it doesn’t make sense for this type of company.

Ultimately, this company is not an outright scam, but it tries to “legally” rip people off. In other words, this business is close to being a scam without it actually breaking the law. I would strongly caution against signing up for this organization and try some other affiliate marketing program. As the old saying goes, “if something doesn’t seem right, then it’s probably not.”

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  1. I was banned from SSM because of a misunderstanding that Amanda never explained to me.
    She stated she is going to give a refund to me within to 5-10 business days…That was January 9th…I texted her and asked where my refund is….she hasn’t answered back. I also had people sign up that I never got the money from. Was $350 to be exact. I only got paid at the end of the month when she felt like paying out. She has her favorites…which are her Success Coaches…and may I add…she kicked one of them out also…don’t know why…She acts like a spoiled brat when things seem wrong and bans you instead of explaining. She pays out when she wants and how much she wants…..I didn’t see an earning pattern, except with her coaches!!! She pays who she wants and when she wants to make it look good!! I would not recommend this program to anyone.

    • Wow Mary!

      Thank you for sharing what you’ve experienced with the “Successful Solution Method” and why you don’t recommend this program to anyone.

  2. Wow! Great review and great explanation of what affiliate marketing is. I learned A LOT from this review. Thanks


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