Social Media Traffic Exchange Review

Social Media Traffic Exchange

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The website was launched on Friday the 13th of October, 2017. It was launched as an offshoot of a consulting website for generating online traffic for new websites.
Tony lee Hamilton is largely seen worldwide as an online marketing genius and veteran, who has successfully launched several campaigns which have yielded awesome conversions and results.
In a bid to not just keep his knowledge and abilities to himself but assist others to achieve similar feats while growing their online businesses, he moved to create the website
The website provides users several methods of earning money online while offering them the opportunity to market their own businesses alongside.
This article is meant to give you a brief review of the site to help you understand the real essence of its creation, find your way around, decipher what you can achieve through the website, and how you can maximize these tools for maximum profit.
The website is made up of twelve essential pages which include:

This page, as it should be, carries quite an amount of information about the site, what it is about and what to do to enjoy the benefits that abound.
It is stated that on registration as a free member, you immediately get 100 website view credits and 500 banner/text ad view credits.
Here are a few other ways of making money from the site as a Free Member:

  • You get 10% on the amount paid by any of your referrals to upgrade their account
  • Earn cash and credits when you decide to place a banner on your personal website
  • You have the opportunity of adding up to five websites or referral links
  • You can add unlimited banners as long as you have banner credits.
  • The site offers the unique opportunity of converting website credits to banner credits, interesting right?

However to qualify for the benefits that accrue to a free member, the member must have viewed or surfed a minimum of one hundred websites. I must say that this is quite trivial when considering the benefits that follow this action, asides the free credits gained, the free member has several other opportunities of making cool online cash undergoing minimal stress.
Imagine the gains of upgrading to become a gold member!
The good news is that upgrading right from launch has been one of the easiest tasks ever, there has been a special launch pricing which is still on and will be for as long as possible, meaning you should race to grab your spot now.
The prices for upgrades are as follows:

  • $9.99 for 90 days
  • $19.99 for 365 days
  • $59.99 for a lifetime

Upgrading ensures you enjoy the benefits of the free member alongside more improved offers unique to gold members.

Some added advantages include:

  • 100 websites or opportunity links can be added.
  • A thousand website credits and five thousand banner credits
  • Ability to create a URL rotator with unlimited links
  • Enjoy 30% of the amount paid by referrals as against 10% for free members
  • 13 second surf timer rather than the 23 second timer for free members, and lots more.

About the greatest advantage of being a Gold member is the ability to get referrals under your wing randomly, either when the admin signs someone up or when someone visits the site without using a referral link.
To enjoy all these benefits one will have to visit the REGISTER page, fill in the necessary details and click signup. Very simple and you are registered for the most interesting traffic generation experience of your online business career.
This page offers registered users the opportunity of placing adverts on the site by renting banner spaces. Each space has a particular amount attached to it  and there are only ten spaces available. The users enjoy discounts when multiple spaces are rented or a space is rented for more than a month, the banner spaces are quite affordable so there is no need to panic about the prices.
This is a page which carries testimonies from a project Tony Lee Hamilton started in just about a year with the sole aim of helping others see the light of making great online income. You can visit the link to check out what this is about.
People will hardly sign up for anything regardless of how juicy the offer is without prior knowledge about who the originator is. A major reason for this is the several million cases of frauds in recent times, for this reason the site originator took the initiative to let users in on who he is and a brief history of his life. This page discusses not just about his career but also about his personal life.
All the other pages provide specific information about specific topics by which they have been named. For example, the IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial provides information about the tools that Tony has successfully used for his marketing, these are provided in video format, sso all you have to do is click and learn. This is same for every page and on the eBooks page you are provided access to several eBooks which will boost you success as a digital marketing expert.
Several payment methods are accepted on this website making it one of the most flexible platforms ever. You can make payments using PayPal, SolidTrust, Payza and several cryptocurrencies.
The site in my opinion is very much user friendly as anyone can easily navigate through the pages unaided. The language use is understandable enough for anyone with minimal education and there is so much useful information to glean from.
I will like to state that anyone seeking to improve the traffic to their sites should leverage on the opportunity of registering on while they still can because it is the goldmine of online marketing.

Social Media Traffic Exchange

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