Spam Messages, Schemes and Hysterical “Opportunities”

Have you ever seen a post and/or received a spam message either via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or in other private messages. Maybe even on Facebook Groups or anywhere else on the internet aka “The Bathroom Walls of the 21st Century”? Some that are obviously ridiculous scams, schemes and/or so out there that they have made you laugh?

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I know that I have and I'll share some of my favorites below:

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the above are simply a small sampling of the emails, posts, shares etc… that I have seen recently and although they are in my opinion spam, I am not saying that they are scams, schemes, illegal etc……

You are able to decide for yourself what is and/or isn't for you, I simply shared what I found to be ridiculous in the way that they claim simplicity and/or that their “opportunity” isn't a scam but that others are ………

Share with us all in the comment area below, the craziest spam, scam, scheme message and/or post that you have ever seen.

84 thoughts on “Spam Messages, Schemes and Hysterical “Opportunities””

  1. Hi there! Yeah! I saw that type of email or marketing long time ago when I was having my first blogspot. I was using blogspot 15 years ago and Idk how they can get through my mail and spamming. Well now I know. But yeah, I was not interested at all because it was my hobby anyway and I dont think to get any money. Now I tried to get an income by my web, so thank you for reminding me of these kind of scam and crazy spam.

  2. Anyone who is a beginner or is at a turning point whether to start doing this business has had the opportunity to get obscene offers that are tempting. I always received spam messages and as you say it was up to me whether I would accept it or not. This post is instructive and gives an objective opinion on whether everything you receive is a spam message or not. 

    Thank you for the explanation

  3. Hi Tony,

    The article is just awesome and educative to me, I need to get in touch with you and even to learn under you, a lot of motivation on your articles which as been so wonderful to be part of your network. Wealthy affiliate as a best people and you are one of them.

    Thank you.


  4. how many fake opportunities, advertisements, banners there are on the Internet, on many sites. The problem with this is that people who really don’t have a little more interest and don’t inquire can easily be deceived. Your site is good for all those who are in a dilemma because you have an excellent review of each topic.

  5. I  been on the internet for not too long so I don’t really know much about spam message, although I have heard about them but I haven’t had the opportunity to see one…Thanks for sharing this I now what one looks like and I would be on the watch out incase I receive or see any.

  6. The spam marketers know the right language to use to entice people to jump on board. Many of them specialize in the marketing approach, others just hire good writers. Either way, they dangle that pot of gold in front of the masses with the hopes of getting a few to grab the bait.

    I like this article in part because by listing all these in sequence, it shows how salesy they all are. Some, maybe a few, might be legitimate. But how can you decide?  It takes a “step back” approach for me. I need to check every detail before providing even a dollar. Each dollar is hard to part with unless I know the program to be honest and trustworthy.

    Thanks for sharing these, Tony. It definitely provides some food for thought.

  7. The irony of it is that a lot of people are victims, and are still falling victims of these kinds of ridiculous nonsensical

    The online space is becoming over-crowded and messy. People jumping in with the mind to scam others, with no clue or intention to add value to other people’s lives, instead their mission is to extort money from their victims and then leave them broken mentally and financially.  

    Any smart adult should not take any of those kinds of spam messages seriously, because they sound so ridiculous and stupid. Unfortunately, people have their choice to make whether good or bad, whether legit or scam, but the consequences there is no choice.

    Thanks, for sharing this. 

  8. Its very painful you had to go online and see a lot of scam web post talking about how to make big bucks, sadly not all are true. They trying to reap you of your hard earn money. I’m happy seeing article as this to enlighten people who are novice in the online world. You did a good job, keep exposing them out.

  9. There are lots of scams covered in the shade of opportunities, that is how they always rip people off their hard earned money, it gets real annoying that till now, people are still not enlighten enough about what scams are and this is so disturbing. Thanks for sharing this Post, it has a lot to teach.

  10. There is just so much of this around these days. I’m always getting e mails about my PayPal account being restricted or my Amazon account. Not to mention the bank account scam. I feel sorry for older people who get swindled out of their money because they are vulnerable. Some of the things you shared in your post were very humorous. My favorite is the coaching clients.

  11. This is a very good topic to dwell upon which really shows us a number of things under spam messages and schemes and other opportunities too. I can’t tell how much good that I have learnt from reading this Tony as you have opened my eyes to a number of things that I didn’t know before.

  12. There is just so much of spam these days, almost every day you can receive a call from an insurance or a phone company asking you to subscribe. Not to mention all the messages you get on your phone. There are many of these types of things going on in social media as well. I receive these messages on Whatsapp where if I share the message with more people I will get an Amazon gift card. Thanks for this entertaining post.

  13. Thank you for sharing this data. I have gotten emails, indeed up to this date, I still get emails around I have gotten cash from a few companies I don’t indeed know, inquiring to to tap on the interface lol to affirm to payment. Also tragically, I was scammed by one of those exchanging guarantees a long time prior to Instagram. I indeed composed a piece of approximately it. I learned frame that and it’ll never happen once more. The title of the company is Brilliant Expert Trade. Just be mindful of these tricks and articles like this are here to assist us to dodge tricks.

  14. haha – I couldn’t help but laugh reading this post. A lot of them do sound quite appealing, especially the one on getting targeted traffic for pennies! How I wish that were true. At least you didn’t include the ones about the Bank Of China executive looking to share $5mio with me from a dormant account. All I needed to pay was a $100 fee for him to transfer the funds! 

  15. Hi, This is a very helpful article you have here. I really learnt a lot from it . There are loads of money making opportunities and ideas detailed in this article. I believe this will help a good number of people to get engaged with something reasonable and be able to earn from it without getting scammed. The important thing is to know which can be trusted. 

  16. I commented on a post by yourself yesterday where you highlighted a scam which you highlighted as a Ponzi Scheme. In that comment I said I struggle understanding how people can be sucked in with comment such as 1000’s of lead, or huge income “With No Work” I guess we can warn people about scams but some people don’t listen. as the saying goes. You can take a horse to water but you cant make it drink. Some people will fall for scams no matter what they are told.

  17. Hello Tony, it’s nice as you have given your own review on this product and I am really happy about it. There are many aches online and they are very bad that they don’t look so different fork the origin offers online that can lay you without any risks. Its really good to be here and thank you. 

  18. I don’t look at spam messages at all. I hate the idea of being slammed at all so, I cannot even resonate so well with all these. I always clear them to avoid being drawn to them and getting scammed in the end too. Thank you so much for all you shared too. Thumbs up to you for all you shared

  19. Hi Tony,

    I am a bit confused, and I know you mean well; I know by the information you have provided, it was to help people make the right decisions; rather than being scammed by dodgy online websites. I understand the topic we are looking at is scams online. the topic was interesting and well presented.

    Tony thanks for the information, it was well-received.

  20. Hello there!

    That is a very helpful article you have there. It is a very commendable one. There are loads of money making opportunities and ideas detailed in that article. I believe this will help a good number of people to get engaged with something reasonable and be able to earn from it. The article has also suggested varieties of options to choose from.


  21. The scheme associate with spam messages is rather really annoying and I find it rather very difficult to note that people actually fell for it at all. I always prevent thr urge to be pushed into these kinds of things and that is the reason that I always try my best to just saty on my lane and not drift at all. This is really good to see here. Thanks

  22. There are many aches online and they are very bad that they don’t look so different fork the origin offers online that can lay you without any risks. There are as well a lot for opportunities online that you can benefit from, just check through it and see which one best suited your online business taste.

  23. This blog right here should be shared with the world literally. There are so many scams out there and it’s nice to see you have taken the time to go through them and call them out like this. These clowns pray on the people who don’t know better- the rule of thumb is there is no get rich quick scheme that isn’t doing one thing and one thing only- getting the scammer rich quick. It’s the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. I can’t believe there are THIS MANY different sites and schemes that are so …yuck. 

  24. I don’t understand why people fall for some of these scams. I guess its just a lack of awareness hey. This article would be very helpful for those starting the online business journey so that they can spare themselves the heartache. The numerous examples you gave can help others navigate and decide whether they may be getting scammed or not, which they probably would be. Thank you for the heads up.

  25. There  are scammers all over.  Even in comments. Once in a while I receive a comment and all in a sudden someone comes with a short lines agreeing everything. So, it is not only about selling you something, but taking advantage of a given situation.

    Some scams are easy to identify, while others are very difficult to know if it is true. They bet on your willingness to help other, as you have experience in facebook. As digital industry gets more sophisticated, it will bloom even more scamming.

  26. Sometimes I still can’t believe that people are actually telling you that you can get a certain amount of traffic for just pennies and from that you’ll earn commissions. If one thing I’ve learned throughout this journey is that not everyone that visits your website will make a purchase, so that claim is completely vain and misleading for those who are just starting out. You can actually find a lot of these on Facebook groups, it’s insane. 

  27. Howdy Tony,

    For me the message from a single parent of a ten-year old girl working in the British Army and posted in Afghanistan was a genuine catch. I really trusted her and informed her a couple of times on twitter. She continued demanding discussion over whatssapp.

    I accept that in the event that anything is being offered for nothing, there will be a tremendous cost related behind it and not by and large tricked by these tricks.

    A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this post which presents hardly any manners by which scamsters can hit us.

  28. this is one very vital topic that we need to create more awareness for. the scam messages that gets into my mailbox per day is more than 5 that is about 150 messages monthly. i will like to spread this article as much as i can in other to create more awareness. people deserve to know better. thank you for this

  29. Hi Tony,

    Spam message is definitely far more advanced and sophisticated from time to time.  As you mentioned at the article – It sounds like “A miracle” or they do have kind of “Magic Wand”.  Sometimes we assume that they all graduated from Hogwart School – The Revenue Witchcraft….

    Great article Tony…, Thank you

    All the best

    Kalle & Marie 

  30. Spam Messages, Schemes, and Hysterical “Opportunities” is a well thought out idea to educate your customers not to fall for worthless Ponzi schemes on the internet. Some are downright hilarious and others are an insult to the intelligence of a normal human being, but they are here because they are working.

    We must be able to guard against these or we will lose our money and peace of mind, both.

    Good article Hamilton.


  31. There are so many crazy scams and spam posts out there! Lately I have been getting a huge influx of almost identical job scam emails from different email addresses. I think scammers are taking advantage of people’s desperation especially now during this economic downturn. It is very important to be aware and on guard against these scams. It is funny to read all the far-fetched stories they come up with, though!

  32. I do enjoy reading these sometimes. 

    As an admin on a Facebook group dedicated to a particular trading broker, we manage almost 5,000 members and have to be very careful weeding out the fake profiles. Some are cringe-worthy obvious but some sneak in and some even act like sleepers. Luckily these get reported quickly and they get booted before any members fall for it. 

    What you’ve done here is a brilliant idea by shining a light on the ridiculous claims. We do similar by highlighting any dodgy posts to show potential vulnerable members what to look for and what is definitely too good to be true!

    Keep up the good work!


  33. hello tony, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing content with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw these posts, first of all i really want to commend your effort in bringing up these sites, i really do fancy these posts a lot, i already saved these posts so as to come back for future referencing, thanks a lot for the info

  34. Sometimes spam is golden. If you are writing review websites than spam is a form of research all its own. I have found some of my best reviews have started from a spam email I read with my morning coffee. This is one of the examples of how affiliates find reviews to write.

  35. Great job once again Tony of pointing out some of the scams and schemes that are floating around these days. People need to be aware, especially during these times where so many are looking for ways to make extra money. When fear sets in, as it has for so many who are unemployed, decision making becomes more hopeful than insightful. If only the individuals running these scams were penalized more. Maybe one day. Keep up the great work.

  36. I have come across too many spam messages for me to commit to memory. The most ironic thing is how somehow these ads seem to offer benefits that always sound too good to be true or they offer the littlest of information and expect your interest to be piqued. Thank you for sharing this post as I hadn’t seen most of these but will be sure to avoid them. 

  37. And articles like these are exactly why I love your website so much. I seriously learn so much and i never get tired of letting you know about that. I seriously find so much value in your articles and I appreciate posts like these because I know exactly what I need to be looking out for in general when it comes to possible scams that I might encounter.

  38. My favorite one is when they say “Would you like to make $1 billion dollar without even touching your phone? Ask me how” and my answer is “you must be a magician!”. All kidding aside, the worst part of the whole thing is that even those who try to promote good products look like scammers, too! This is really bad especially where you have a product that could really help people!

  39. Hi Tony, 

    thanks for showing the examples of those spam messages. Coincidentally, I just received one of the emails above. It’s a fortunate accident that I happen to read your article first before taking any action. Do you have a tool suggestion that can be useful to block these spam messages? 

    Thanks for the information.

  40. This seems like a very good opportunity and I’m very interested, it’s good to have side hustle that can catch you little cash to sort some things even without digging into your salary. I love how you’ve explained everything, it makes it very easy to understand and I’ll take my time to go over it again.

  41. Thank you for all this wonderful articles. There have been a really huge rate of spam messages from about 10 various online site and I just can’t say how annoying these messages can be but we just have to hold the anger back. I clear my spam box everyday and that have been really good and in worse case, I just block the sender to end all the stress

  42. It is really often funny to see various platforms like these spamming our mails with various offers and most times they are always just to spam and give us scam related platforms. Honestly, I don’t give a chance to them because I always wipe clean my spam folders almost every morning of each day. Thanks

  43. Thanks for sharing those spams, pyramid schemes and other scams. 

    I’ve received so many of these and have even fell for them only to be disappointed. Of course that was my fault for falling for their click bait. There were a few on your list that I almost fell for too and one that I was actually thinking about so you saved me lots of money. I will print out your list and keep in handy in case I get the stupid urge to try something out. I mean there are a lot of great opportunities out there but you just have to do the research, read reviews and find sites like yours that exposes these scammers.

    Thanks again for sharing


  44. This is quite enlightening and also talks about the issue if spam messages and how they carry some very funny opportunities for one to try out. I am very specific when it comes to giving my information online because I do not like to be spammed. All the same it is important to learn how to deal with this.

  45. My favorite one is when they say “Would you like to make $1 billion dollar without even touching your phone? Ask me how” and my answer is “you must be a magician!”. All kidding aside, the worst part of the whole thing is that even those who try to promote good products look like scammers, too! This is really bad especially where you have a product that could really help people!

  46. I always get such, it is very irritating . My husband got an email that looked like a tender from the government requesting him to provide thousands of masks for a certain department. The list is just endless. The saddest part is when such find you in a desperate situation , desperately looking for opportunities.

  47. I get that scam messages all the time and it is really annoying when I am trying to get to the content that I was actually in that site for . Anyways, those are just too good to be true for me but I guess for people who are desperate and want to make money online as soon as possible, fall into these traps. Thanks for sharing all these messages, I will share them too my friends 🙂

  48. My favourite one was email saying that I have a forgotten uncle somewhere in Middle East and he is dying. Of course he is wealthy and wants to leave his money to myself. I only need to pay an attorney somewhere in London to get the paperwork done and all money will be mine. 

    Whenever i get stuff like that i wonder if really there’s anyone who would believe.. 

  49. And the drama continues because the computer is flooded with all sorts of things that promise you great opportunities that will help you to get ahead when what they are selling you is nothing more that a dream. I believe that it is time that people catch on to these lies because there is nothing like a free meal especially for little to nothing and with ease. Another great post to keep us informed. Thanks so much for sharing.

  50. Oh how I hate Spam that floods my inbox with useless information that I am not even interested in. For some reason I receive a lot of spam emails about casinos and bonus codes, which I obviously ignore, because I am afraid of viruses when I click the link. One should always be careful not to spam your clients for they will unsubscribe to your newsletter if you do this. Sometimes I wonder how they even get a hold of my email address in the first place.

  51. Wow! What a list. Most of those kinds of thing never even get opened in my email anymore. I am so over the rich Sultan who needs me to help get his money out of wherever. If it sounds too good to be true… Undoubtedly it is. Also, I have no money, patience or time to do any more things that are not totally on the up and up. 

  52. It is indeed ridiculous the amount of spam and scam messages and invitations that are out there on the internet these days. Some of the messages that you quoted above, are downright laughable they are so far fetched.

    The sad things is that there are people that fall for it, only to loose the money that they have paid out. If it is too good to be true, then it usually is just the case and it is best to walk away from it. 

  53. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I get a lot of these messages all the time especially from my Facebook groups and some of those guys even collects peoples contact from WhatsApp groups to send you those stupid messages. 

    What I do is; I immediately block them as soon as I see them.

  54. A very entertaining read and in some cases even laughable. I wish it were so easy to make money but then, of course, everybody would be rich and we wouldn’t have to work so hard to make a success of our lives, and what type of human race would we become then?

    I believe in working for a reward, but not doing something you hate. If you enjoy doing something you won’t mind working hard to succeed. So if you can find work you enjoy doing and end up making a living from it, then I think you will have found what most people couldn’t in life.

  55. Weird how you got into my mailbox and posted all the crazy stuff that arrives in my mailbox!  Fortunately, Google does a great job of screening.  Now we need a post on all those crazy call scammers that make us not even answer our own phones!  The one I pay for!  I hate being made to feel a victim. If you aren’t in my contact list I don’t pick up!

    Then we wonder why people are leery!  Marketing changes and people’s needs change.  What is the next new path you see on the horizon?

  56. This is hilarious and I the sad thing is i have seen lots of those.Have you considered making into a comedy routine I think it would work. I was choking on reading them. The best one a mate of mine signed up for and (I hardly sign up for anything like this ) and it was just a newsletter said

    “ congrats Steve for signing up. You are on the way to making a million. Your grandmother also just signed up so you can tell this is worth the opportunity. Grandmother is always right.” 

    My mate said to me blimey it must be good she has been dead for years bless her. Really silly. Goodness knows what was going on in their heads!

  57. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative and educative review article. This Post is centered on spam messages schemes and hysterical opportunities. Spam messages is seen on almost all platforms and it really can be very irritating and annoying. Thank you for covering this subject well, it really is enlightening

  58. Oh wow, I am laughing on those! Even though I am someone who lives with a healthy – positive thinking lifestyle, I still can’t understand how people think that they can trick you over the numbers like this? 

    It’s simply not possible that there is an online business that gives you such a huge success overnight. No way! I mean unless you invent it and share and make people pay you money. But even then, you have to build a reputation and strategy and get to the point to have so many people signing up. 

    It really doesn’t resonate with me something like this unless is a lottery win! 🙂

  59. Business have had great ways to growing and one of them is sending emails to people which some people just put them a spam and so they potential customer is off the list. Getting to get the email across to the person is really a great idea to help that business grow and so if this is done you stand a great chance of having really big traffic on your site to let it grow. Great idea 

  60. I could relate to this a lot.  There is nothing worse than spam or as you say, “hysterical messaging”. It just clogs up the inbox. I have noticed a particular increase in bitcoin spam recently. But the West  African spam continues.  Seriously, there is no chance I would sign up via one of those links or respond to their mails asking for my bank account details. You have described some extensive examples of scams to avoid.  Thank you.  Here is a simple example, “I am Mr.Kwasi Lago staff of CAL bank of Ghana.I am contacting you regarding a financial portfolio of Ten Million United States Dollars (US $10 Million) deposited in a security firm whose depositor died in late 2019.”

    It goes onto explain why I have been selected and asks for my bank account details.  Another one to be avoided! And we are likely to see more during the Covid 19 recovery period.

  61. Hello, Just seen your post on “Spam Messages, Schemes and Hysterical “Opportunities”
    Thanks for sharing a most needed and insightful article. We all have faced these scams.
     Schemes and Hysterical “Opportunities”.You covered this subject so well in your post. This type of spam message is
    seen on almost all platforms with their profile and personal message. Keep up the good work.

  62. Yes!! 

    And I, along with many others, unfortunately, have been pulled into some of these scams and it sucks the life out of you doesn’t it. Thanks for the run-through of all of the possible scam types and things you have encountered as you have a lot of experience checking these out over the years I know. 

  63. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is spam Messages, Schemes and Hysterical “Opportunities”. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about it. I like spam Messages of the points mentioned in your article. This type of spam message is mostly seen on Instagram with their profile and personal message.
    Finally read and enjoyed your article so would like to share it on my social media group to let everyone know about your article if you agree with me.

  64. I have seen all these or variations of these for the past several years. I used to get emails from people on linked in wanting to recruit me for a side job that promised so much money for a few hours of work. They were usually pyramid schemes or Multi Level Marketing gigs. Still involved recruiting and a sign up fee, all for the benefit of the people above. No, thank you. 

  65. I have a lot of similar posts and mails in my spam which I often delete every morning. The funny thing is, they always find a way of gaining more and creeping in back to my spam almost on a daily basis. They are in most cases evidentially scams that are just looking for the next prey to pounce on. 

    seeing your proper and Kore detailed breakdown of their operations and all really makes sense and makes things much easier for me. Thanks so much

  66. Hi

    wow, what an amazing website you got there is a lot Thank you so much for sharing with us your helpful article your article is so helpful, right now There is a lot of scammers are trying to get rich quick and they use scam technique, I am going to sharing with my social media community this helpful article and again Thanks for sharing this information here.

  67. I get these everyday whereby it has gotten to the point that it is now annoying and the worst part is that I have no idea how these guys got my email address. The good thing is that they are located in the spam box and not my mail box so I have a choice to either read or not not read them. Like you said, I am not entirely sure how many of these are actual scams but the fact that I regularly receive them even though I know I did not register for such a program just makes me upset.

  68. In our world,I don’t think that there is anyone who wants to be scammed of their hard earned money. Everybody wants to make sure that they are able to spend their money on their own. Having our own privacy is also something that everyone wants and not getting disturbed by spams from crazy people. This is a good post.

  69. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for sharing those spams, schemes, ponzi, and pyramid messages.

    I’ve seen a lot similar to most of these. The one I see often is the one it says :”Get paid to watch an hour of videos up to 5 USD…”

    I’ve seen this one a lot, and I can 100% say that this is a scam ! … I felt for it once, but not again.

    Thanks again for sharing


  70. There are lots of opportunities online, some are scams and some are really profitable and considerate business online. One of the reasons i don’t give out my emails one websites and offers is the fact that they tend to use it spam and it’s always annoying. It’s been used for a lot of bad and it’s good to get to read about it.

  71. More great content Tony, thanks for letting us know about all these different scams and the techniques that a lot of these scammers use. I will be very wary when I see any of these messages in the future thanks to you. I’m also going to bear in mind that most times if they offer something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  72. OMG YES! 

    I help companies run Facebook ads and there’s always gonna be some weirdos commenting on the post about some people helping them and that people should contact that person as well to get rich quickly. 

    Similar to your #2. And I don’t get why you need to pay the $5 to start getting paid watching videos?? Is that even legit..

    It’s ridiculous to do that! Is there anyone that actually falls into these nasty traps? I hope not!

    One thing for sure, if I read any sales page promising quick income and trying to sell a luxurious lifestyle, consider me unsubscribed. People are getting smarter nowadays and these sleazy tricks won’t do it anymore

  73. Message after message.  I have been getting them for way over ten years now.  The problem back then is I was quite naive and unfortunately believed a few and lost a few dollars or maybe more than a few dollars.

    I can pretty much guarantee i wont fall for a scam these days but websites and articles are so very important for the young naive people getting online to make money.

    While so many of these headlines are nonsense they for young new persons online seem like the answers to a dream

    Thanks again Tony for some more great information.

  74. Oh Yeah!
    I’ve been getting those sorts of direct messages on Instagram a lot this year. 2 very recently about Forex or Crypto get rich quick.  The first guy I just felt something wasn’t right and the website he sent me too looked dodgy.  His Instagram account got shut down so that showed me my intuition was right and he was a scam.

    Now this weeks one is exactly what you are saying with an “investment plan” of “$500 to earn $6,400” etc. This one is crypto forex trading, whatever that is.

    When I look down the list of your direct approaches it really is almost funny? or very sad? just how many people are wanting to take advantage of other people.

  75. Hi Tony,

    For me the message from a single mother of a ten-year old daughter working in the British Army and posted in Afghanistan was a real catch. I actually believed her and messaged her a few times on twitter. She kept on insisting on conversation over whatssapp. 

    Off course I never did converse on whatssapp because that was the time when I grew suspicious looking at so many mis-spelt words  – A native making such stupid spelling errors was a revealer.

    I remember this as I fell for it. Other promising 3 Million dollars from a bank in Benin are obvious giveaways and any sane person will not fall for it.

    I believe that if anything is being offered for free, there will be a huge cost associated behind it and not generally fooled by these scams.

    Thanks for sharing this post which brings forward few ways in which scamsters can hit us.

  76. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. Surely spam messages can really get in to nerves. I usually send them to junk right away as they can sometimes make loose my real emails. Thank you very much for sharing this information with us here. I wish there is a system that can filter them and reject them from getting into my inbox.



  77. Well! For those that actually give much considerations and attention to platforms that decided to spam, then they are really up for it. Personally, I hate to see my spam messages because I always clear it the first thing very morning. Thanks for this information but I believe theta nothing good actually comes out of spams and that is really the reason I always clear them. They are all schemes that are to be avoided.

  78. Hello Tony, Thank you for your post, so that I have chance to tell you what I’ve seen. There has a lot of spam messages and schemes are everywhere, especially on social media. I came across a lot of them, and they are still scamming people, use “Make Money Quick”, “Quick cash”, “Get Rich Quick”, “High paid smartphone apps”, “Get paid for $$$ in a week”, games as covers. 

    A lot of people seems they would like to make money fast and get paid as high as possible. But the thing is, to make money online, you will need to work on it, and spend some time, it’s for long term, not a get rich quick scheme. This is a good article to get people aware those scam messages and scammers, and be aware on those scam messages. 

  79. Thank you for sharing this information. I have gotten emails, even up to this date I still get emails about I have received money from some company I don’t even know, asking to to click on the link lol to confirm to payment.

    Also unfortunately, I was scammed by one of those trading promises a long time ago on instagram. I even wrote an article about it. I learned form that and it will never happen again. The name of the company is Golden Expert Trade.

    Just be aware of these scams and article like this are here to help us avoid scams.

  80. Thank you for sharing this information. I have gotten emails, even up to this date I still get emails about I have received money from some company I don’t even know, asking to to click on the link lol to confirm to payment.

    Also unfortunately, I was scammed by one of those trading promises a long time ago on instagram. I even wrote an article about it. I learned form that and it will never happen again. The name of the company is Golden Expert Trade.

    Just be aware of these scams and article like this are here to help us avoid scams.

  81. Thanks so much for sharing this here. Well! Spam messages can really pull nerve as they are incessant and can really damage anyone with their mail and all the over flooding opportunities and scams. However, I have ensured jot to give any thoughts at all to them. Thanks for sharing this information here 

  82. This is great information for those that do not understand the ramifications of signing up with these different scams.  I have been scammed and thank goodness I only lost less than $75.  I honestly still do not understand the whole Bitcoin thing either.  Your article is very informative and glad I came across it.  I have forwarded to several of my friends that just don’t get it.  Thank you for your help in educating the masses on these horrible programs.  People just want to earn money and it is sad there are people out there willing to take advantage of them. 

  83. Tony,

    A great article highlighting the dangers out there in this global connected world we live in and how easy it is to get drawn in.  The main problem I see in society these days, and it is everywhere, there is way too much laziness in people and too many faster, convienient methods and services available that encourage this.  The question is in today’s society, is this a good or bad thing?

    People seem to want to get things done faster and with less of an effort by themselves.  Put in little graft, research and work but want maximum results as an outcome.  Below are some examples of my observations and opinions.  What do you think?

    1) – Takeaway food is now available for delivery via apps – Society too lazy to fetch it

    2) – There are lots of fast food establishments open – Society to lazy to cook, proper, healthy options and meals

    3) – Car wash services have increased there popularity – Society would rather quickly pay someone else do it while they sit in the car waiting.

    4) – Smartphone texting – The new normal for conversations, arguments and breakups, the art of decent conversation and socialising is lost.

    5) – Cheap alcohol – Big chain supermarkets are selling, wine, beers, alcohol etc cheaper, people buying them for convienience and the pubs have lost their edge.

    6) – The Big Shop – Everyone’s weekly food shop can now also be completed as a service, someone else doing the shopping, picking and delivering.

    7) – State Benefits  – Too many people taking advantage of the system, rather than re-educating, learning and putting some effort and pride into themselves and making money and a living that way.

    8) – Smartphone Cash Games – People getting lazy and addictive to these small affairs that are rigged and pay little, but it’s free money in some people’s eyes while they are comfortable.

    9) – More TV choices the likes of Sky, Netflix, NowTV, Youtube, Amazon Prime etc – Keeps people seated more comfortably at home ordering the takeaways and playing the smartphone games apps and becoming less pro-active.

    I’m sure there’s many more to go off topic with, but regarding online scams and red flags, yeah they do exist and I’ve been close to spotting them too.  As I have mentioned on another comment, I am of the conservative type and will look into anything before commiting.  I’ve done this recently with a new job postion, I did it when looking into forex trading plaforms and training and I’m a lot more wary when it comes to buying goods from selling sites and social media.

    As long as you look into them and have some patience, you’ll find the answers you’re after and will be able to seive the legit stuff from the hysterical opportunities.  If I have to be honest, I was just as skeptical about joining Wealthy Affiliate and going premium.  But’s it’s paying off and does feel like I’m learning something.  A whole global community can’t be wrong surely.  Thanks for sharing this information, very helpful.  The truth is out there!!  Trust no one!!


  84. In this hyped society we live in, hysterical “opportunities” have become quite frequent. I have been learning how to recognize all these red flags but with this post I graduated. There are so many different offers that seem to good to be true and demand we take immediate action. They’re all scams. Thanks for this very informative post.


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