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Posted by My Freedom in 365 Review Page on Friday, November 13, 2020

Have you been approached yet about the relatively new MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) educational program that promotes building a team while learning about Forex Trading, Blogging, Drop Shipping, Facebook Ads, Personal Development, Real Estate Investing, Credit Repair etc…

Are you thinking about joining?

I have been taking a look at the “opportunity” as well as the products that they promote and am leaning towards not joining as I'm not really into the MLM industry. I much prefer the Affiliate Marketing Industry & not attempting to recruit & build teams while relying on that structure to earn.

Many Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Relationship Marketing & Multi-Level Marketing Companies are nothing more than Pyramid Schemes and or Ponzi Schemes although there are indeed many of them that are legitimate! The reality is that the ones that are legitimate are very difficult to earn any income of a significant amount.

Catch 22? Yes, that's my opinion.

Click on and watch the Top 10 My Freedom in 365 Review videos on YouTube that I have shared below (You'll notice that many of them are by Coach Mike Williams, is he the Owner or just motivated?  Either way, if you choose to join, I would recommend joining through his link) then comment with your thoughts, questions, concerns etc….

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My Freedom In 365 Review: Is it a scam or a legit way to make money online

Through the Lenses: My Freedom in 365 review!

My Freedom and 365 Review 2020

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My Freedom in 365 Reviews and Breakthrough Kings | FREE BONUSES| Coach Mike Williams

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My Freedom in 365 Credit Repair Program Review | Free Coaching BONUS | Coach Mike Williams

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My Freedom in 365 Review | Freedom BONUSES for Joining My Freedom in 365 Today | Coach Mike Williams

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How to Buy Traffic For My Freedom in 365 Review | FREE Coaching BONUS | Coach Mike Williams

My Freedom in 365 testimonials

Freedom365 Movement Review|How To Make $100 A Day!

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What is My Freedom in 365 Movement

Did you view the videos above?

Which one was your favorite of the Top 10 My Freedom in 365 Review videos on YouTube?

Are you going to join or have you already joined?

I haven't joined and most likely won't be joining or recommending, for what I do recommend go to the home page at

What are your thoughts, have you earned commissions and been paid yet?

Please share in the comment area below!

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