Zyia Active 2021 Zyia Activewear Review, is it a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Activewear is an American-based clothing style that is known around the world. One brand of activewear that is based in the United States is known as Zyia. This brand has been around since the late 2010s and it’s slowly growing in the market. Zyia activewear can be purchased in retail outlets, but it’s mainly marketed through independent distributors. The following material will provide a Zyia activewear review. This honest assessment of this activewear brand will evaluate Zyia’s clothing styles, its market presence, and most importantly its independent distributor opportunity. The information contained here will determine if Zyia is a legit opportunity or bogus scam.

General Information about Zyia

The year 2017 was the time when Zyia debuted on the market. This activewear company was co-founded by Erin Bradley, Jeremiah Bradley, Brenda Bradley, and Zach Bradley. Zyia is a direct selling company that also uses an MLM business model to market its products. Zyia has 4 pillars that it uses to endorse its products.

The company believes strongly in community connections, uplifting people, being light in the world, and engaging in actionable activities. Females are strongly endorsed at Zyia. Its appeal to women is undeniable. Ladies are strongly encouraged to apply because the company supports, encourages, and endorses them. However, men can and do work for this organization.

Zyia does its best to provide the most financial success to its distributors. Any member that joins up with the organization is given lots of training and support. They are also given many perks and benefits to help keep them motivated and working hard.

You can find Zyia at 9442 S 670 W Sandy, UT 84070-6610. Their website is http://www.zyiaactive.com
and their phone number is (435) 383-5263. This is a legitimate business with real people manning the phone. While Zyia has an MLM format it doesn’t mean that the company is no good. Their MLM format is different from other organizations because members are not forced into ongoing recruitment.

The Better Business Bureau says that this company is not BBB accredited. The BBB gives this company a B+ rating but its customer reviews are given a 1.5-star rating. Apparently, there are a lot of unresolved customer complaints within this organization. Still, Zyia is a growing organization with a promising future. Now, let’s take a look at the business and how it operates.

Zyia Activewear Business Opportunity

It was stated that Zyia is a direct marketing company. It directly sells its activewear products to customers. Zyia also uses retail establishments to promote its products and an MLM business scheme. When people sign up with Zyia they will primarily use one of four methods to make money.

Selling directly to customers is the biggest way that Zyia reps make their money. The second most popular way for reps to make money is by selling Zyia products through retail outlets. A personalized Zyia website is also used to help people to operate this business. Finally, Zyia reps can recruit people and make money from their sales. We’ll go into more detail about each of these different selling methods later in the article.

Zyia makes it a point to keep their reps from being bogged down with quotas and inventory requirements. They don’t have any auto-shipping stipulations and they don’t require their distributors to purchase anything to remain an active member. These different perks help to keep distributors from leaving the organization. Personal commissions and other perks also help to put money in people’s pockets at Zyia.

When the corona virus pandemic struck in 2020 it forced millions of people to work from home. Most of Zyia’s personal distributors didn’t have this problem. These individuals were already working from home. Zyia reps can work from home or set up an office and work from there. That is another perk of this company – it provides people with the ability to work where they please.

A Quick Word about the MLM Aspect of Zyia

Zyia allows people to become managers of their own sales force. If a distributor has the ability to gather people and help them to sell products, they can establish their own business promoting Zyia products. Having a team of workers will earn a Zyia manager the ability to earn extra commissions from the sales their team makes.

This is the MLM aspect of the business. Recruiting a sales force and helping them to succeed will help to keep money in Zyia's rep’s pocket. Again, recruiting people isn’t necessary and if a distributor wants to sell their own products without going this route, they certainly can. Being a manager suits some people more so than others and it is recommended for Zyia reps who have the ability to recruit, train, and support people for success.

What are some unique things that Zyia reps do to make money?

Many Zyia reps sponsor parties that promote their products. They have online parties which are great for busy people and for people who want to avoid the whole COVID-19 thing. Still, the best parties are the ones that are given life and in person. This way customers can interact with the merchandise and with each other.

Some reps are social influencers (or they use social influencers) to promote Zyia products. These individuals have the ability to get people to purchase Zyia gear and have them buzzing about it. Again, if a person can’t do this, they can simply sell their products online through the website or through direct sales. Zyia reps sell products in different ways that work best for them.

Cost To Join Zyia Active

Guess what? Zyia doesn’t have any enrollment fees for people to join. This is good news because many online companies do require people to pay a fee to sign-up. While an enrollment fee isn’t charged to people, they will have to pay for a starter kit. A starter kit ranges in price between $450 to $780.

Depending on the price, each kit will contain a certain amount of Zyia merchandise. Distributors will have to choose the size and style of the items. The kits will also come with a free website, order forms, and other resources to get a rep’s business off to a good start. By the way, your website acts as a “middle-man” so you will not have to keep products within your home.

Keep in mind there is a $15 monthly business fee that can be waived during their first 2 months. Reps can do away with the $15 monthly fee by being good sellers. If a rep is able to consistently keep up their sales month in and month out, their $15 monthly business fee will be waived. By the way, the company expects good sellers to sell off at least $600 a month. Again, if a seller can do this, they will be able to waive their monthly business fee.

Perks of being a ZYIA Active rep?

Zyia reps can earn anywhere from 20% – 33% from the sales they make. So, naturally, a rep will have to sell more to make money. Your commissions are based on personal sales and your rank within the Zyia organization. Your rank is determined by your selling ability over time.

Zyia managers that have teams can earn between 1% – 10% commission on their worker’s sales. So, the more a manager helps their downline to be successful, the more successful they’ll be. These are the primary ways that Zyia reps make money.

About the Zyia Activewear Catalog

Zyia’s products are promoted as feel-good and confident clothing pieces. They are designed for people who have an active lifestyle. People who work out, compete athletically, and work in a physically demanding field will benefit the most from Zyia’s clothing line.

However, consumers who work in casual business environments or who like to lounge in comfort will also benefit from Zyia gear as well. They primarily sell items such as leggings, sports bras, joggers, sweat suits, shorts, tank tops, and so much more.

Zyia primarily markets toward women, but they have a lot of products and merchandise for men and children as well. The gear for men is very stylish and masculine. The kid’s clothes are made to fit their age and their unique style as well. Zyia’s products are designed to be marketed to different groups of people to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the organization’s great clothing selection.

What are the prices for Zyia’s activewear?

Zyia’s activewear is priced differently per item. Each item is charged competitively. Items can cost between $5.00 for some accessories to as much as $80.00 for more expensive items. Prices will also be impacted by the market where products are sold and competition. We’ll also address competing brands later in this article.

Information About Bing a Distributor for Zyia

Zyia has been around since 2017 and the company started in Utah. When a person signs up to become a rep they might not realize that their market area already has Zyia representatives. These representatives aren’t often discovered until a person becomes a distributor.

Some areas are saturated with distributors and this can be a problem for some reps. So, people should look up online to see if they can locate any Zyia distributors in their area. If they discover that there are a lot of them, they will have to really think this opportunity through.

One of the biggest problems for any business is having too many sellers and not enough buyers. When a business encounters this problem, the competition will become fierce. Also, distributors will undercut each other’s profits when there are too many businesses competing for the same resources. The United States is a tremendously big country. So, if there are too many reps concentrated within an area, a member should consider selling their products in alternative places. Smaller cities and towns might present niche opportunities for Zyia products. They can also market to other areas online.

Keep in mind that the turnover for reps within an area is constantly changing. So, you don’t always have to worry about competing with too many other Zyia sellers. Still, you don’t want to sell in a market that has way more Zyia reps than it needs. Just so you know, there are 60,000 reps spread out across the country. Many of these reps can be located within a city or region. Do your best to figure this out before you begin.

Brief Information about the Negative Aspects of Zyia

While Zyia is not a scam it does have some issues. The rest of the article will deal with the issues presented by this company. Former Zyia reps and customers are the individuals who provide information about these issues. The issues that will be addressed include the clothing quality, Zyia’s return policies, bad customer service, lack of brand recognition, and low profits.

The Problems with Zyia’s Clothing

Zyia’ clothing is considered of good quality. However, the quality can be inconsistent. This is one of the biggest complaints that has been placed against this company. Some former reps claim that Zyia’s clothing isn’t always sized right. Customers also have this problem as well. The clothing isn’t necessarily designed for everyone’s figure.

Some people say the clothing fits around the chest but is too baggy around the midsection. Other people say the clothing doesn’t quite complement their frame. Some customers have complained that the form-fitting clothing sags or just seems to lose its elasticity after a few uses. Some females also claim that some clothing pieces are see-through and not all women want their body parts on display. Quality control is one thing that Zyia has to work out with its products. If they can’t consistently turn out good products at all times, their business will suffer.

Zyia’s Return Policies are very Disruptive to the Brand

Zyia has been known not to return products even when they are faulty, or they are the wrong size. Keep in mind that Zyia does return the products but they don’t always do this for everyone. Also, the return process takes a long time to complete. Distributors should keep this in mind before they start selling Zyia’s goods. If not, they can quickly lose face with consumers and Zyia could be recognized as an inferior company and brand.

Bad Customer Service and Zyia

Consumers have complained to the BBB and to credible online business review sites about Zyia’s poor customer service. Some people stated the company never resolved their complaints. Other customers stated that Zyia never provided them with the items they purchased. Complaints have also been written and expressed about some of Zyia’s reps and about the people who work directly within the company. Again, Zyia doesn’t need these types of issues if they want to be successful.

Zyia’s Lack of Brand Recognition

Zyia hasn’t been around long enough to gain a lot of attention. As a matter of fact, many people are not familiar with the brand. If you ask the average person who has heard of Zyia, they would probably tell you no. This is no slight against Zyia. The fact is that this company’s lack of recognition works against it in the market.

Other brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebock, and Under Armor are highly recognized brands. They carry a lot of weight in the field of activewear. These highly recognized main competitors will get way more customers than Zyia. Also, there are other online activewear brands that are doing well in the market. The point is that Zyia is going to have to work harder as a company to compete against these established and well sought-after brands.

No Zyia rep should think that this line of work is going to be easy. The competition from other brands is fierce. All Zyia reps should really think about this fact. Especially, since the more established brands have greater recognition and better quality clothing.

Zyia’s Low Profitability

Reps also complain about not making much money with Zyia. This is also a problem. Some people do put a lot of hard work into this business and have nothing to show for it in return. Remember, this is a business opportunity, and they are not all created equal. In other words, some people will excel at this line of work and others won’t.

Zyia doesn’t guarantee that people are going to get rich. They don’t assume that everyone will be successful. They do assume that people will put in the work to make this venture profitable as possible. Truthfully, not everyone does this. However, some people do, and they make a killing.

There is no one right or wrong way to be successful at this business or any other business. However, you should know that you have to work and take the time to build your reputation and brand if you want to succeed. Even then, this is not a guarantee. Most people who sign up with Zyia will not make a lot of money. That’s a fact. They will make some money but not a lot. This one reason why the turnover rate can be high.

People who sign up for Zyia might want to consider this a second income opportunity and use this opportunity as such. If they have this mindset, they won’t be as disappointed when they don’t make enough money to support themselves and retire. Remember, not every opportunity is perfect for all people. Ultimately, a few people will make a lot of money doing this thing, but most will not.

A Final Word about Zyia

Zyia is a legitimate company that provides people with opportunities to be in business for themselves. Remember, the company is a great place for people to work and make their own money. This company is also very supportive of women. This is an important quality for this organization. Why? Because many women are given the opportunity to shine and grow in the workforce.

Zyia does have problems with its clothing. Again, they will need to improve the quality of their gear. This is important because if they don’t, they will eventually crash and burn. A company will always have to make forward progress if they want to remain relevant.

The company doesn’t have any major advertising and using reps to spread the word can be challenging. Remember this type of technique works for some organizations but it doesn’t work for all. If you decide to become a Zyia rep, you should seriously consider this point. You will not have the backing of a major brand to make your job easier.

Still, the company does provide ongoing training and support. Taking this action does work because the company continues to sell products and they’re still around. However, most people won’t fill up their whole entire wardrobe with Zyia gear. Truthfully, most people are not that brand conscious where they will do that with one clothing style – not unless they’re getting paid to sponsor that brand. Ultimately, this is a real business opportunity and a person is able to make some money.

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  1. Hi Tony:
    Thanks for the in depth article on Zyia, I have been looking at the company and their products for a week now; and this information you posted is helping me make a better decision about whether to join them, or find another product. From your article it’s pretty apparent that customers really like Zyia’s products overall. From the pictures posted from various customers; they all looked pleased with their Zyia’s products. And the fact, Zyia supports women entrepreneurs goes a long way to help with brand awareness and social media promotion. However, if there is one area of their operation that concerns me, it’s customer service. Not getting back to customers, or ignoring their requests will have a big impact on the bottom.
    I am going to work with them because, they offer a generous commission schedule, their clothes are very popular, and they have a solid marketing and training department. Thanks, Tony, for the helpful information.


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