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Instagram Crushing it 10X with Tony Lee Hamilton The Digital Marketing VeteranAre You ready to start Crushing it 10X on Instagram while growing Your Brand & Your Business?

As You can see by the screenshot of my Main Instagram account, I have been doing pretty well in that area.

Do You want to know how I have been and continue to Crush it 10X not only on Instagram with the Instagram page but also many more as well?

Many more?

Yes, I have 23 Instagram pages………

Of course, I'm not just on Instagram either 🙂

I am also very active at many other sites on the Internet as well as assisting Friends earn and grow their business and/or opportunities at the same time.

I can imagine what you're thinking …..

Tony, You must have a huge staff of people working with you and taking care of all of that for you, You can't possibly be in so many places at once!

Well, the answer is yes & no, I don't have a huge staff, I do have systems and Virtual Assistants as well as programs that I have set up to automatically do things the way that I want them.


Yes and I am going to share with You right now, an exclusive offer available only to Friends who view this post right here on my website.

Take a look at my 1st IGtv Verticle Video that I shared explaining how You can receive a Free Shoutout from my Instagram Account (Normally $500)

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???? Watch the IGtv video right here on Instagram @tony_lee_hamilton and/or at ➡⬅ Where I, Tony Lee Hamilton, The Digital Marketing Veteran am Crushing it 10X while assisting Friends in earning an income online since 2007✨

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I also have a Top Secret (Don't tell anyone who doesn't actually want to grow their Instagram Page and Income) Instagram Tool that I have used for about a year now and feel comfortable to finally share with Friends!

Are You ready to start growing Your Brand & Business on Instagram while increasing Your Revenue as well?

Do You promise not to tell anyone who isn't ready?

OK, the Top Secret Instagram Tool that I have used for the past year to grow my Brand, My Instagram Accounts and Business including my Revenue, Referrals and Traffic will allow You to start growing your targeted audience organically and on almost complete auto-pilot. I specify “Almost Complete Auto-Pilot” because You will need to monitor it to make sure that it is set how You would like it and gear it toward your goals and niche.

Does it still sound like a Tool that You would want in your arsenal?

What the tool does do!

  • Follows followers of any Instagram User or Users that You specify
  • Unfollows nonfollowers after 1, 2 or 3 days of them not following You in return depending on your choice.
  • Unfollows followers who aren't actively liking and/or commenting on your posts
  • You can add anyone to a safe “WhiteList” that the system won't unfollow
  • You can set your account to like the posts of Friends that You follow and/or specified Hashtags like #Crushihngit10X as an example
  • You can set up your account to comment on posts that include specific Hashtags, just as mentioned above #Crushingit10X as an example
  • All mentioned above can be set and let run, You will need to occasionally check your results and make modifications accordingly.
  • You can even set specific filters for followers (I'll even share with You my complete list of over 69 keywords that I have added to my filter of words) based on my experience so You'll save much time in the ability to simply copy and paste the word filters that I use then adding your own as you go.
  • You can set sleep times for the extension so that during specific times, the tool won't be running. Or You can simply leave it running when You have your computer on and when You turn your computer off, it will be turned off as well.

The list above isn't all-inclusive but it should give You an idea of the extremely helpful tool that this is.


Did I mention that it's used right from your Laptop or Desktop computer?

Yes, that's right!

You simply install the Google Chrome Extension Tool in your browser and follow the instructions there.

Are You ready for me to share my Affiliate Link for the Google Chrome Extension Tool so that You can sign up and get started growing Your Instagram, Your Brand and Your Income?

I apologize but I can't do that ……


No, it's true!

I can't share with You an Affiliate Link because the site doesn't have an Affiliate Program and it isn't even available to the General Public!

Wait a minute, Yes I can get You in!

Yes, I have been a member for the past year and do have exclusive rights to add accounts to the Extension Tool Program!

Are You Ready?

IGtv Instagram Training Video Vericle

What if I told You that there is a startup cost of $99 then a monthly charge directly to the Google Chrome Extension tool site for $49 per month thereafter, would that be worth it to You to be able to build and grow your Instagram Page, Brand, Business and Income?

Well, the part about You dealing directly with the Google Chrome Extension Tool Site after month 1 is true (No contract ever, anytime during or after month #1 you'll be able to either stop using the service or keep using it for as long as they offer it.

So, the monthly charge that the site charges isn't $49 per month, it's only $9.99 per month when You use your Debit or Credit Card and they add + 5% when You use your PayPal account.

What about the StartUp cost, is that really $99

No, it isn't!

What I do charge is $20 and payment is only accepted via PayPal & does include your 1st month with the Extension Tool so the Extra $10 covers my time setting up your account and emailing you the instructions on using the Extension Tool.

Is the $20 refundable?

No, it isn't!

The reason that it isn't is that as soon as I set up your account, I have to pay them then also email you the instructions etc….. I believe that You & I can both agree that my time is worth much more than $10 and I only charge the $10 so that I don't actually lose money.

So, how do You contact me to set all of this up for You, is that what you're wondering?

Simply fill out the contact form below with your Instagram Account(s) that You want me to get started for You as well as send the PayPal payment of $20 for 1 account to

Wait a minute!

Above I said Account(s), does that mean that You can have me set up multiple accounts for You?

Yes it does and below are the discounted rates. (Please remember that all payments and sales are final for setup and month 1 and with no refunds)

  • 1 account is $20
  • 2 accounts will be $27
  • 3 accounts will be $36
  • 4 accounts will be $45
  • 5 accounts will be $54

In the event that You would like me to set up more than 5 accounts for you at the same time, simply specify that within your message to me via the contact form below via

View my 1st Instagram IGtv Vertcle Video sharing My Top Recommendations to earn an income online – The tab in the Main Menu “My Top Recommendations” 🙂

More Information about Crushing it 10X with The Digital Marketing Veteran Tony Lee HamiltonStart Crushing it 10X

Thank You for taking the time to read this post to learn more about how I can assist You in getting set up and running with your 1st month at the exclusive Extension Tool for Instagram site. Remember that after month #1 you'll be sending all payments to the Google Chrome Extension Tool Site yourself and that it isn't an Affiate Program so I only am paid by You for the initial setup.

Please allow for up to 24 hours for me to get You set up and then I'll email You. (Usually much sooner than 24 hours, I only sleep about 6 hours a night)

I welcome any questions, ideas, comments or just a friendly hello in the comment section below.

All of our continued success is my daily Prayer.


2 thoughts on “Instagram Crushing it 10X Tool IGtv”

  1. Hey Tony,

    Instagram really is amazing if you do it right! 

    But it’s quite hard to find the right angle to promote your business because the way it works is a little bit different than facebook.

    I tried posting photos and videos of my blog tips, nobody l cared and I got even lesser likes than my personal photos.

    I then tried to type lesser, but put a lot of my face on a picture using good quality photo and to amazement, people actually liked my photo!

    It’s still a mystery to me but slowly, I’m learning how to boost that, awesome to know that you’ve cracked the code!

    • Hey Riaz,

      Instagram is actually my #1 Mainstream Social Media site for producing Traffic, Referrals and Income my Friend!

      I don’t do the Boost thing and I don’t do Paid Ads, what I do is revealed here on my Free Instagram Training Riaz, take a look my Friend.

      Also Riaz, take a look at this post right here on this website, titled Instagram Help from Me the Marketing Veteran 

      Thank You for stopping by to view and comment on this article about Crushing it 10X on Instagram Riaz, stop by again later when You have had time to utilize the methods that I have shared with You within the links in this response.

      Talk with You soon Riaz,



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