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Best Free Website Advertising TrafficNot only is Social Media Traffic Exchange Best Free Website Advertising Traffic on the internet and in the World!
It is also the most safe and secure Website Advertising Traffic online and worldwide!

Join now and receive your first 100 real website views and 500 banner views for free!

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When you arrive, take notice of the ever present Green Padlock letting you know that you are safe and secure because our site has the best SSL Certificate as well!

Social Media Traffic Exchange

Take a look at the cellphone screenshot on the left and notice the Green Secure Padlock at the top left corner. (Menu blurred – You can see the unblurry version at the actual site) All websites as well as banners shared at Social Media Traffic Exchange must have the secure https:// like shown on the picture to the left as well, that is how we keep the platform safe and secure!

After registering you will be sent an email to confirm your registration and then you'll be able to add your secure website(s) and/or banner or text ads into the system.

Not only will you receive the 1,000 free website views after registering, you'll also receive 5,000 banner / text ad impressions where you can add any combination of text and banner ads.  Your website credits can be converted to banner credits as well in the event that you would rather have more banner impressions than website views.

The banner ad sizes accepted are 125×125 486×60 728×90 and 160×600 and you can utilize all 4 sizes plus the text ads, choose only one or anywhere in between.  As mentioned earlier, all banner and website URLs must start with https:// being secure links.

If your website and/or banner links aren't secure then contact your host provider to find out why, secure sites are much more able to rank with the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…. when they are secure.  Not only that but your viewers deserve to come to a site where they can know they are safe to take a look, make a purchase or even share your site with other Friends.

Your banner(s) and/or text ad(s) will be displayed randomly along with the other members' ads as long as you have banner credits in your account.  Your website(s) (You can add up to 5 websites as a Free Member at SMTE) will be in the manual traffic exchange and seen randomly by other members of the site only.  (Your site will never be sent out to any other site no matter if the other site is secure or not)  your website will remain within the Social Media Traffic Exchange and rotated as long as you have website credits.

You are welcome to stay a free member as long as you want and there are many ways that you can earn credits so that your website(s) and/or banner/text ad(s) will keep showing throughout the site.

You can also upgrade to become a Gold Member right away or anytime after you register, upgrading right now is only $9.99 for 90 days, $19.99 for 365 days or $59.99 for a Lifetime Gold Membership.

When You upgrade to becoming a Gold Member at SMTE you will be rewarded with an additional 5,000 website credits as well  as an additional 25,000 banner/text ad credits.

Other benefits to upgrading to Gold member include:

        1. Free URL rotator link where you can add unlimited website URLs. (It is a secure URL and in order for your added sites within the rotator to work then they still need to be secure as well) Your SMTE URL Rotator can be shared anywhere on the internet and is secure to anyone who see the s in the https:// will be confident to be able to safely click upon it.
        2. Add up to 100 websites (You may even add the same website 100 times to increase your chances of exposure within the manual surf exchange) to the manual surf exchange instead of just 5 that Free Members are able to add.
        3. SMTE has an Affiliate Program for when you refer Friends to the site and as a Gold Member You will earn 30% of the amount that your referral pays to upgrade instead of the 10% that Free Members earn.
        4. Within the manual surf exchange your timer will be for 13 seconds instead of 23 seconds that a free member's timer is set on.
        5. Maybe the most exciting benefit of becoming a Gold Member is that your Affiliate ID will be placed into the pool with the other Gold Members and you will be randomly rewarded with Random Referrals whenever we share the basic URL.

More about Social media Traffic exchange at this post and this post, both from here on this secure website!

Secure Traffic Exchange

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Social Media Traffic Exchange

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In closing,
I would like to be the first to Welcome You to Social Media traffic Exchange, the safest and best free website advertising traffic exchange on the internet to share and grow your business!

53 thoughts on “Best Free Website Advertising Traffic”

  1. Hi Tony,
    Wow, what a great system. I had a look at that receipt and when I saw a ledger of 2 Mil + I had to know more.
    How would have thought? What a great system. Thanks for sharing this fantastic opportunity. I am registering immediately.
    I never knew how it works but now I am richer in reading your review.Thanks for an honest review explaining the benefits of being a gold member and the cost involved.

    I never knew of a rotator URL where you are able to add more URL’s let alone 100. Saving 10 seconds as a gold member really make a difference.

    Social media traffic exchange can really help getting my niche website more traffic. Just one question. I don’t have a banner yet, do they offer banner templates and the size specification for the banners, is that for vertical or horizontal banners?

    • Hi Pieter,

      the banner sizes available are 125×125 468×60 728×90 and 160×600 my Friend.

      Social Media Traffic Exchange is by far the Best Free Website Advertising Traffic available on the internet and Planet Pieter.

      Welcome to SMTE and contact me with any questions,


  2. I would love first to learn more about website advertising traffic, what it is and its benefits? I see you have 3 different types of membership and is each membership for example the $19.99 dollars a one time payment for a year?

    Also what is an SSL Certificate and how do one obtain that? I would really like to try this but I need more information to be able to understand it fully.


  3. This is awesome. I never knew things like this existed. If I’ve understood this correctly I could drive traffic to my website and get it up on Google’s rankings, am I right? Can you share information on how you’ve benefitted from this in terms of Google rankings?

    Real traffic wise how many click would I get per $ spend? if you have figures it could make my life easier. Thanks Tony for sharing this.

    • Hello my Friend,

      The site is a site that I had created and therefore I can 100% recommend it for all Friends wanting real traffic to your website(s) and/or affiliate link(s).

      To answer your question about clicks per $’s spent my Friend, It’s 100% Free to register and you will also receive your first 100 views upon registration with also receiving 500 banner ad views.

      Additional views can be earned by simply surfing the “Manual Surf” and then your site will also receive more views and/or you can convert the website views to banner ad views as well.

      You are welcome and thank you for your questions and for commenting,


  4. hello my name is steph, I have just built a website and I really needed some traffic, i had no idea about to do it and your site gave me the opportunity to achieve it, I really thank you alot for this, and I hope to keep in touch with your site, im so excited for your next article
    thank you again

    • Hi Steph,

      Welcome to Social Media Traffic Exchange my Friend and it’s my pleasure to share with Friends ways to increase revenue online and for Free!

      Come back and take a look at the other posts anytime Steph,


  5. Sounds pretty cool but I’m always skeptical of traffic exchanges as I think they might damage rankings within search engines because google or bing see it as articficial link building for not very lasting results. What do you think? That’s just the feeling I get whenever I see or talk about traffic exchanges.

    • Hi Kyle,

      If you’re worried about the Traffic Exchange damaging your rankings my Friend, share your affiliate link(s) instead.

      Traffic Exchanges are a great place to earn affiliate commission as a Traffic Exchange was where I found 2 of my Favorite sites, Wealthy Affiliate & Global Money Line!

      Thank you for sharing your feelings Kyle and I hope that my response helps you my Friend.


  6. I honesty had no idea that this even existed! It’s very helpful, especially for new and upcoming websites, to get the reach in the online world while they build their credibility and content.

    Where do these banners and text ads appear? Is it through Google Adsense? Also, are you able to build your own banner or text ad, or is it a pre-built template that you cannot choose?

    • Andrea,

      the banners and ads will be seen right there on the Safe and Secure Social Media Traffic Exchange platform my Friend and it’s Free to get started so register today!

      Thank you for stopping by to comment and for your questions my Friend,


  7. This is the first time I’ve heard about this and this seems interesting, considering the fact that I’ll get 100 real website views just by registering for free there.

    Even the price is very affordable. Well at the moment, I’m considering the $9.99 for 90 days, just to get my feet wet.

    • Wonderful my Friend and welcome to Social Media Traffic Exchange. 

      The most popular package is the $19.99 for a full year and we will have that available as long as possible during the launch.

      Friends who do purchase the yearly membership will always only pay the $19.99 per year no matter what the price increases to in the future.

      The 3 month plan for $9.99 is a great value as well and so is the lifetime membership my Friend and the 90 day plan purchase will lock you in at rate forever as well.  (Unless You upgrade to the yearly plan then that would override the 90 day plan)

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting and welcome to SMTE my Friend,


  8. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for this information.

    Does Social Media Traffic Exchange work in every market niche? I really like the part that this is free to join. Do you have any suggestion when getting started? How’s the best way to get the most of this platform? I’m saying this because it would be very useful to have a “short-cut” when using this platform. As the founder of this service maybe you can give us a good starting point.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Frank,

      You are welcome my Friend and yes, Social Media Traffic Exchange works in every niche and for any website and or affiliate link that is secure!

      The best way to get started Frank is to get registered for free, then add your website and/or affiliate link(s) and banners.  Also take a look at the menu area at the far right and the FAQ page as well as the welcome page as there are many Frequently Asked Questions covered there.  The “Manual Surf” is a great place as well, because that is where your link(s) will be seen and also where you can view others’ links and earn even more free credits/views.

      Thank you Frank for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you at my Friend!


  9. Hi Tony, Social Media Traffic Exchange seems to be a good way to get traffic to a website, especially a new website. Is it still free to join or am I too late. It’s the 2nd of November already. From the post, I understand that the offer ends on the 1st. Let me know if the offer still stands.

    • Hi Stella,

      Yes my Friend, it will always be completely Free to join!

      I’ll see you there Stell,


  10. This is really a Great Information for Increasing the Traffic.

    I would like to ask:

    Can I use AdSense after applying this Traffic?
    Are the Banners can be seen properly for mobiles also?
    Can I use this Banner for single website or multiple websites ?
    Is there any discount going on currently?

    • Hello Sameer,

      Google Adsense is a very picky beast my Friend so I’m not sure that they like any traffic.

      You can add as many banners as you would like to add and they can be affiliate banners or any other banner.

      There is a great discount going on right now for the launch!

      Only $19.99 for an entire year, $9.99 for 90 days or $59.99 for a lifetime membership and with the upgrade you also receive 1,000 website ad credits and 5,000 banner ad credits.

      When you upgrade at either the $9.99 for 90 days or the $19.99 for yearly you will also be locked in at the price forever, even when the prices go up sometime after launch.  The $59.99 Lifetime will most likely go up as well & of course when you upgrade to lifetime then there is no need to ever pay to stay upgraded again.

      Thank you Sameer for stopping by and commenting as well as asking the questions my Friend,


  11. The Social Media Traffic Exchange seems like a really great platform. I really like the fact that the website and banner links have to be secured.

    You are offering a lot of bang for the buck here. The quarterly or yearly membership is a great deal to take advantage of.

    Adding the random referrals along with your other benefits makes this one of the better traffic exchanges I have seen. Some people thing TEs are dead but I for one do not.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Nate for stopping by, reading and commenting my friend!

      I appreciate that you see the value in having secure links and banners and then also having a secure site.

      The random referrals are many and the smart friends who have already upgraded are seeing the great value indeed!  

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  12. Thanks for this post!

    I had not heard of Social Media Traffic Exchange before but it seems a good place to get free traffic.
    How long have you been using it? Have you noticed a growth in your traffic since then?
    I’ve been focusing more on the SEO part of getting traffic, but I may take a look at the Social Media Traffic Exchange. I like that it’s secure and free to join =)


    • Hi Miren,

      I have been using it since the beginning my Friend as I am the founder of Social Media Traffic Exchange.

      I have seen enormous growth since officially launching SMTE on Friday the 13th of October 2017 and so have many friends who have registered for free and especially those friends who have upgraded to Gold members.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment Miren and you are welcome back anytime my Friend,


  13. Hello Tony
    This is a great article which would be very helpful to people. I like the fact that it is a secure site as well. So what happens after you reach the 100 website views and 500 free banner views and you don’t want to upgrade? It’s too bad I didn’t see this sooner I would have joined.
    Thanks for sharing this Tony.

    • Hello Angie,

      the site is free forever if you choose for it to be my Friend and until Midnight on Halloween night you’ll actually receive 1,000 website views and 5,000 banner views just for registering for free!

      You, as a free member can earn more website views simply by surfing the manual surf exchange Angie!

      It’s not too late at all, the site is just now in launch mode since Friday the 13th of October so now is a grea time to register and get started!

      Talk with you soon Angie, thank you for stopping by.


  14. I like the offer in your post. Driving traffic to a new site can be tricky and expensive if you do not know what you are doing. I tried Facebook advertising in the past and got very little in return. Have members in your Social Media traffic Exchange seen increased traffic to their sites and how much? Where do you place the ads on the internet. Do you also help with banner ad creation or is that the members responsibility? Thanks

    • Hi Edgar,

      Thank you for taking a look and for the questions my Friend!

      All websites are viewed in the Manual Surf right there on the safe and secure platform. 

      Banners are also placed and seen on the SMTE safe and secure platform as well Edgar, get signed up for Free my Friend and view the FAQ page there, also contact me with any questions my Friend.

      Talk with you soon,


  15. I think the way to start here for someone that is new is to join the Wealthy Affiliate program and start there. Upgrading to the premium package and then look into the traffic exchange offered on the site if it seems viable. When it comes down to it, traffic is essential to any successful online endeavor. The prices are actually really reasonable if it delivers the goods.

    • Great advice Jeremy,

      Sharing Wealthy Affiliate and/or any other Affiliate program to gain referrals is an excellent idea my Friend!

      Social Media Traffic Exchange is not only the Best Free website Advertising Traffic, It’s also the Most Secure and Safest TE on the Planet!

      Thank you for stopping by to comment Jeremy and welcome to SMTE my Friend,


  16. Every website owner would want lots and lots of traffic and I think Social Media Traffic can really help make that happen for my website.

    My website is only 4 months old and although it’s getting a considerably good amount of traffic I would really love to increase it.

    But I’m not really sure how this works so for clarification, once my website gets the 1000 views, will my texts or banners stop from being shown? And how exactly will I earn credits to continue receiving website views? I’m not sure if I overlooked this but you did not really explain how I can earn credits without upgrading to Gold membership.

    • Hi Alice,

      Viewing other people’s websites is how that the credits are earned my Friend.

      You website would be placed into the websites manual surf rotation and be shown to members of the SMTE platform and theirs will be there as well.

      As long as you have credits, your website(s) and/or affiliate link(s) will be shown randomly within the manual surf by members at SMTE.

      The banner and/or text credits work differently, the 486×60 banners will be shown randomly within the manual search at the top right corner.  The 160×600  728×90 125×125 and text ads will be shown everywhere else within the platform randomly and every view takes 1 credit.  You banners and/or text ads will be shown as long as you have banner/text ad credits.  The website credits that you earn while surfing the manual surf can also be used for banners and/or text ads.

      I hope that this all helps to answer your excellent questions Alice and welcome you to sign up for Free at Social Media Traffic Exchange and share your website(s) and or Affiliate link(s).

      Talk with you soon Alice,


  17. The Social Media Traffic Exchange sounds like a greta way to get some momentum within social media.
    I am new to affiliate marketing and have found it tough to get traffic.
    I am also struggling to find a good website platform and the help I need to get it going good. Any suggestions?

  18. Hi Tony
    Interesting article I am also new to internet marketing and have been struggling with traffic issues. Social media traffic exchange is a great place to start generating leads and traffic. Can you stay as a free member, or do you have to upgrade at some point.
    thanks EJ

    • Hi EJ,

      You are welcome my Friend & welcome to Social Media Traffic Exchange!

      The SMTE platform is a great place to start generating traffic and leads my Friend and yes you can stay a Free member forever if you need to.

      Of course, I highly encourage anyone to upgrade to being a Gold Member, especially right now, during the launch and for as long as we can the cost for upgrading for a full year is only $19.99 and all upgraded members will be eligible for random referrals.

      Thank you for stopping by EJ and welcome to SMTE my Friend,


  19. Hello Tony,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and review on Social Media Traffic exchange. I just started my affiliate marketing website and has lots to learn.

    I’ve been spending countless hours to prepare my website and hopefully ready to utilize additional traffic.

    I’ll check it out now before midnight of Halloween!

    Thanks again,

    • Hello Eric,

      Wonderful my Friend!

      Social Media Traffic Exchange is a great place to share your Affiliate links and websites Eric.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment and we look forward to you sharing with us on the SMTE platform soon my Friend,


  20. Good afternoon Tony! I love the information you have provided! I am new to building websites and I had no idea that this stuff even existed. I have bookmarked your page so I can go back to it and sign up as soon as I feel my site is ready to be seen by 1,000+. I am pretty excited about this. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Hi Ashlie,

      Don’t wait my Friend because at Midnight on Halloween night the sign up credits lower from 1,000 website views to just 100 website views and the banner views lower from 5,000 views to just 500 views.

      You can get signed up now and receive the larger amount of credits and save them until your website is ready, actually you can also surf sites up until then as well and have even more free website views accrued.

      If you are also involved with any Affiliate sites like Wealthy Affiliate, CBProAds etc….. You can also share those referral links at the site and possibly sign up some Friends who may go Premium and not only will they be thankful to you but they’ll also help you to be able to cover your monthly cost.

      Thank you Ashlie for stopping by to comment and get signed up right away my Friend.

      Talk with you soon,


  21. Hi Tony this sounds really exciting. The ability to get 1000 free website views and the banner impressions is amazing and a fantastic help others find your business.

    Are the 1000 views selected at random or are there industry interest areas I have to select from?

    I’m working at building my site and would be interested in trying Social Media Traffic Exchange.

    • Hi Lorrie,

      Your 1,000 website views will be shown randomly to the other members my Friend.

      All sites, links and banners shared at Social Media traffic Exchange must be Secure and Sage ensuring that the SMTE site and all members are Safe and Secure as well! 

      Sign up for Free and You can even share any Affiliate Links that You want as long as they are secure, for example many Friends are sharing sites like Wealthy Affiliate CBProAds, LeadsLeap etc…. there.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment Lorrie, talk with you soon my Friend.


  22. Hi Tony,

    Looks promising, going to bookmark this page for the future!

    In fact I’m going to have a good snoop around your site and read the other articles, could be very useful for me! 🙂

    How long have you been in the AM game for? Just out of curiosity 🙂

    • Hi Kev,

      I have been earning an income online since 2009 my Friend and you are welcome here anytime.

      Get signed up at for free my Friend and also view my other top recommendations in the menu bar t the top of this site Kev.

      Talk with you soon,


  23. This sounds exciting but I’m a little confused. I guess what threw me off was the Wealthy Affiliate ad at the bottom. Is this something that goes hand in hand with Wealthy Affiliate?
    Could I use this for my website even though I created it through WA?
    Your website has definitely caught my interest.

    • Hi Antonia,

      Thank you for the great question my Friend!

      Social Media Traffic Exchange is not a part of Wealthy Affiliate, although yes I am a Proud Member of WA.

      You can absolutely share your website and/or Wealthy Affiliate links on the SMTE platform because they will be secure sites!

      It is completely Free to join and you even get 1,000 Free website views just for registering so get registered and share my friend.

      Talk with you soon,


  24. Can always use with more traffic – especially when it’s organic like this, 1000 views can do alot for a small business and anyone just starting out! Just trying to follow – will the ads show on a mobile like you’ve got in the picture at the top, or is it website based?

    • Hello my Friend,

      Yes the site has a Mobile version and is 100% secure even while surfing.

      The 1,000 Free website views and 5,000 Banner views just for signing up also can’t be matched in the Traffic Exchange industry.

      Thank you for commenting and asking questions and welcome to Social Media traffic Exchange, the Best Free Website Advertising Traffic on the internet and in the World!

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  25. Hi Tony

    wow this is very interesting , so if i join this free membership, 1000 views is granted automatically ? or is it gonna be periodically and gradually ?

    thanks for sharing this info tony , as we all know traffic is the key for monetize your web, then its important to have this kind of strategy

    • Hi Elbert,

      1,000 views will be assigned to you as soon as you sign up for free my Friend and your site once you add it will be placed into the rotation and be seen randomly by members.

      You can let the 1,000 run all the way down to zero and/or surf sites yourself to grow that number of views as well.

      You are welcome Elbert and thank you for the questions, also welcome to Social Media traffic Exchange my Friend.


  26. Hey Tony, this looks very interesting. I will be signing up shortly and adding my website, I just have to ask one question.

    How would I get the 1,000 free website views? I’m fairly new at having my own website and online business and have never heard of something like this.

    Thanks anyway for the post, and I look forward to any response.

    • Hey Dalton,

      As soon as you sign up for Free at the website, your account will be credited with the 1,000 website views my Friend.

      Then add your secure website link to the system and your website will be viewed randomly by the other members.

      Welcome to Social Media Traffic Exchange Dalton,


  27. Hey Tony this looks great. I am going to ask anything you something first because Im sure you will know.

    I have adsense on my pages and with the days of old a traffic exchange wasnt good for adsense. Please let me know because I have been taking some different routes and looking into this because it looks great’

    • Hi Dale,

      Adsense usually frowns down upon Traffic Exchanges my Friend.

      Your affiliate links that are secure will work great for the site and there are many Friends who will be viewing the sites.

      It’s Free to sign up for and you’ll receive 1,000 site credits and 5,000 banner credits just for signing up for free so have those credits go to any of your affiliate offers that are secure and see how it goes.

      Nothing to lose and it only takes a few minutes to register for free and add your affiliate links and/or banner links my Friend.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Dail and I’ll see you there my Friend,



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