Referrals, Leads and Traffic – Get Some!

Does your Business thrive on Referrals, Leads and/or Traffic?

Most likely if your Business is on the internet then it does indeed not only thrive with more referrals, leads and/or traffic, in most cases it's critical!  Without them, many business won't last even the 1st year, let alone be profitable at all.  In the 21st Century there are so many who claim to be able to supply You with either one or all of the above.  Many are nothing more than used up outdated email lists that have been abused so much that it's pretty much worthless.

Below, I will share with You my top recommendations for not only more Referrals, Leads and Traffic, also more Revenue as each platform has an affiliate program. (Yes, that does indeed mean that when You join and upgrade, I will earn a commission)  I am more than happy to share with you to help grow Your Business & the income earned is just icing on the cake.

Global MoneyLine

Global Moneyline & is my Top Recommendation for Friends to share their Business Website and/or Opportunity Links.  It's Free to join (There are upgrade options) and You can indeed remain a Free Member forever if You choose and or need to.

The great thing about Global Moneyline is that no email addresses are exchanged and the only person's who will have your email would be me as your referrer and the Global Moneyline Admin.  No spam in your inbox as all communication with members is within the platform and Moneyline will not send You tons of emails either.

All Time Leaderboard at Global Moneyline

There is another video at Vimeo that I created and You can watch it as well as take a look at some of the many posts that I have shared about Global Moneyline.  I have been a Member of Moneyline since October 2016 shortly after it's launch in June and am now the #10 Referrer and a Super Affiliate with them amongst the over 350,000 Members Worldwide.

Social Media Traffic Exchange

Social Media Traffic Exchange

Social Media Traffic Exchange is actually a site that I created and am the Admin for so I am kind of partial to this site.  It is also free to join and has upgrade options.  It's a great place to share your website and/or opportunity links and is The Safest & Most Secure Traffic Exchange on the Internet.  That being said, in order to share your site and/or affiliate links at they have to be secure with the Green Secure Padlock. (Look up in the Top Left Corner to see mine for this site) In the even that You click upon the SMTE link above, You will be assigned a random referrer from our Gold Members. (I am also included in the random referrals, so it may be me) All upgraded Gold Members at SMTE are eligible to receive random referrals from when I share the main website link and/or when a person does a Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine query and finds us. I have shared many posts about the SMTE platform and I welcome You to take a look at them as well.


WebTalk is brand new and touts itself as the answer to the issues that Friends are having at Facebook and is an alternative.  It is in my opinion after being a member for just a short period of time, a cross between Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing with the added bonus of the ability to earn as an affiliate if your choose. WebTalk is via invitation only, Here is my WebTalk Profile page along with Your Invitation 🙂

10K Hits – Automatic Free Traffic

I haven't written any posts here at in regards to this site but it is also Free to join with an upgrade option.  The referrer in this case doesn't earn any actual revenue, the advantage of sharing is that the referrer receives a % of the site views that all of the referrals earn.The site has been a good source of traffic in order to gain referrals at the above listed sites as well as at Wealthy Affiliate, the Finish Line Network and others for me in the past.  While I don't personally promote the New U Life opportunity or share/use the Somaderm HGH Human Growth Hormone gel, I do have Friends who do and share their links here with success as well.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, the above sites aren't the only places available to share your website to gain more referrals, leads, traffic and revenue.  They are simply some of the places that I utilize and am sharing with You so that You may reap the benefits of sharing as well.  The fact that You have a Great Business and/or Business Opportunity to share is a Wonderful Blessing as Sharing is Caring.

Speaking of Sharing is Caring ….. When You join any or all of the sites listed above then comment in the comment section at the bottom, share your referral link(s) to the site(s) above that You joined and I will include them in your comment so that, maybe just maybe someone will join through your link, right here from this post on this site.

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