Facebook Marketing for Business Owners, be Original, be You!

There are many so called experts sharing how Facebook Marketing for Business Owners has to be done, would you agree? I am not going to claim to be some “Guru” or “Social Media Expert” as I m in the opinion that social media is an ever evolving market.  Training that anyone creates today was outdated yesterday, social media evolves faster than technology and the algorithms etc…. can't possibly be kept up with!

Under no circumstances should you purchase and/or pay for “training” that claims to be able to have the magical midas touch and assist you in being able to corner your market.

So, what do I advise?

I advise you to be You, an Original!

No one can ever become a better version of you so that is one way to insure that you stand out in the crowd of the others who are within your niche and attempting to attract the attention of your chosen audience.

Below I will share with you the ways in which I, “The Marketing Veteran – Tony Lee Hamilton” have been able to separate myself from others who are within the Internet Affiliate Marketing Niche as well as the Mentoring others online arena. Have you ever heard of me on the internet?  Google – “The Marketing Veteran” and see if I show up on page #1 of the Google search results.  When you do see my name there then also do me a favor, click on my link there.  This is of course one way that I can stay atop the search results for my brand as The Marketing Veteran, thank you for sharing & caring.

Facebook Business Page:

Creating, sharing and growing your Facebook Business Fan Page is an absolutely fabulous way to market yourself to the audience that you are focusing upon.  Remember that it's not all about selling and that you should first and foremost share value with your page, use the  2 & 1 rule.

Two posts of value without selling then 1 post focused upon selling, Gary Vaynerchuk better known as Gary Vee wrote a Best Selling Book about this method titled “Jab, Jab … Right Hook”  He is very well known as the #1 Social Media Marketing Icon in the World, View Gary's Facebook Page & Instagram Page to see why!

Also subscribe to Gary Vee's Youtube page but keep in mind that He doesn't have a language filter and drops more than a few F Bombs so don't say that I didn't warn you!

While not near as huge of a following at either Facebook or Instagram, here is The Marketing Veteran Facebook Page as well as the Instagram Page.

Instagram as you most likely know is owned by Facebook and you can link your Facebook Business Page with your Instagram Page so it's very handy in sharing your content with both platforms.  I also recommend that you share your website content onto your Facebook Business page then even create a screenshot and share onto Instragram as well.

Facebook Groups for Sharing Your Business:

What's the difference between a Fan Page and a Group on Facebook?

One of the main differences is that in most case there is more interaction within groups than within pages, groups and pages can now be linked as well so it's more powerful to be able to post onto the group as your page instead of with your personal Facebook Profile Page.

View the Facebook Groups Below to see how I share:

The first 2 groups above have been established for quite some time, Internet Affiliate Marketing Friends is for Friends to share websites, Blog Posts, Referral Links, Opportunities etc….. The Friends Sharing Inspiration is  not promotional group and is geared toward as the title suggests, sharing inspirational posts.

The IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox & Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Groups were just launched yesterday so there are currently under 1,000 members at each of them at the time of this post being written.

Sharing Posts from Your Website:

One way that I have found to be able to grow my Facebook Business Page as well as my Website Traffic is to share a website post onto my Facebook Business Page then to embed that post back onto my website on a different post.  You can also embed a post from your Instagram account onto your website in order to grow your Instgram Following.

View the training that I created to be able to accomplish this:

You can also view some of my posts here within this TonyLeeHamilton.com in which I have utilized the embedding technique in order to market and grow my Facebook Page, Instagram Page and also my Website as well as my Brand!

Be Original, Create Your Brand!

I'm not even going to pretend that I know the secret sauce for you to be able to be you and for your to create your brand by being original. We are of course all original and there is only one of each of us, so that is our Super Power and when we utilize our super power, we create our original brand.

What are You known as on the internet?

Have you already started to grow your brand?

If you don't yet have answers to the above questions and/or answered no, don't worry as you can right now get started in growing your brand by creating a Facebook Business Page, Facebook Group and/or Instagram Page.

Below I will share embeded posts from my Facebook and Instagram Business pages to show you what is not only possible but very achieveable. When you trust that you know your audience and how to share value with them in order to assist them in overcoming and obstacle and/or finding a solution for their needs or wants.

Marketing Veteran on Instagram:

Marketing Veteran on Facebook:

Thank You Friends:

In closing, I would like to thank you for stopping by and reading this post.  I also thank you for taking the time to comment below with your thoughts, ideas, praise, complaints etc….

Most of all, I would love for you to share below how the above has helped you to grow your Business, your Facebook Page, your Facebook Group, your Instagram Page and/or your Brand on the internet with my Facebook Marketing for Business Owners post that I shared above.

All of our continued success is my daily Prayer.


Tony Lee Hamilton

Visit www.AboutTonyLeeHamilton.com to read my complete Bio and/or tap on the tab at the top menu on this website. I am a Veteran of The United States Army and now assist Friends from around the World earn more Income, Traffic and/or Referrals to their Business no matter what they share! Local Businesses, Online Businesses, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing and/or Network Marketing from anywhere on the Planet! Visit www.TonyLeeHamilton.com/Info for more Information - Contact me at Tony@TonyLeeHamilton.com and/or (810)493-4249 anytime, leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I am able.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Marketing for Business Owners, be Original, be You!

  • 05/17/2018 at 3:47 am

    Hey there,

    I have to say I am so glad I stumbled upon your post. I have never heard of the 2 and 1 rule and how successful it has been through the years.

    I have been in the online business industry for a good while now and I have always thought you should keep it business throughout, which is why I have failed multiple times on social.

    Your perspective on being social makes so much sense. I will try it out and see the change it brings, but I can already feel it’s going to work. Thanks heaps for the tip.

    • 05/17/2018 at 4:00 am

      You are welcome and thank you Dave for letting me know that the 2 and 1 rule is beneficial for you my Friend.

      I look forward to hearing about your success with this technique very soon Dave, contact me anytime.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  • 05/16/2018 at 12:30 am

    Hi Tony,

    Very well written! I totally agree with being yourself! Tell your story and use Social Media for what it’s meant for; to socialize.

    I’m guilty of not socializing enough. Lately I’ve been searching for hashtags related to my niche to answer questions being asked. What do you think about it?


    • 05/16/2018 at 9:45 am

      Hi Eric,

      Thank you so much my Friend.

      I appreciate your compliment and your question as well as your taking the time to read this post.

      I’m not sure about the use of hashtags to answer questions Eric, that is an interesting approach and I am looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with that technique.

      Talk with you soon Eric,



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