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Updated:  28 October 2018

I must admit and apologize that I have now found out that, yes indeed IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial is a scam and a total waste of time.

I have many friends at IBO and that is the only reason that I have yet to write a full article on this and also why I have waited until now to update this post.

To the friends who I have in the past referred to IBO, I sincerely apologize and am now asking for your forgiveness.

I didn't know that the traffic at IBO was almost all entirely fake, now I do know!

How did I find out?

As a past Club IBO member ($19.95 per month) I created a banner ad and pointed the traffic to my website specifying only one platform within IBO to share it on.  I also uploaded a few YouTube videos and had my website there as well.

Much to my surprise, my traffic shot up!

At first I was excited but then I saw that the time spent on my site along with my bounce rate were negatively affected.  Not only that but I was getting traffic from all of the other IBO sites as well.  


Yes, that confused me as well, how did my banners and/or YouTube videos get seen on those other IBO sites.  

I then had an idea …… I uploaded more random YouTube videos and pointed the link to my own IBOsocial Profile page.

Guess what happened?

Overnight, I became the #1 traffic leader at the site, so I loaded more and yes I remained easily the traffic leader by far.

I also did the same thing with 2 separate profiles and had the same results, it was so easy.

What happened?

I am so glad that you asked, it has become so obvious that IBO utilizes BOTS on their sites.  I am so amazed that they haven't been found out by Google Adsense as the fake traffic should be against their terms of service…… then again, Google probably doesn't care as long as they are being paid by their advertisers.

Are you reading this and are a member at IBO?  Send me a message if you want more details on the sharing of YouTube while having the learn more link directed to your IBOsocial Profile page.  Any YouTube video 🙂 Load about 13 of them and you'll see that within 24 hours you'll be a traffic leader.  

OK, I am usually not a negative person and that is why I haven't openly disclosed this information until now but I must now share so that more friends don't fall for the IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial scam, especially Kris Karafotas who is either the owner and/or the owner trusts her to run the show there. 

Terrible support & leadership is also part of the IBO scam, the community of friends is the only reason why I stayed a member as long as I did.  Please disregard all of the content below as it was written back when I had no idea that IBO was a scam.

IBOsocial is a scam

Tony Lee Hamilton Marketing Veteran

How to Earn Money from Home Online

The marketing Veteran Tony Lee Hamilton

The Marketing Veteran website where I, Tony Lee Hamilton assist Friends from all over the World in earning an income online.

No matter what Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales Company and/or MLM Multi-Level Company that you share and represent, The Free Network Marketing Training below can and will help you in growing your team as well as increase your revenue and traffic to your opportunity.

Free Instagram 24 hour ShoutOuts ($500 Value) for all Friends who join all 4 of the below sites and complete your Profile Page at each – Contact me with any questions!

Earning a living on the Internet is an extremely actual possibility. Regrettably, like several various other money-making ventures, scammers discover methods to make use of unwary people wanting to work at home online. Consequently, if you're searching for a tested legit on-line home business, you have to do your research and due diligence to vet out the opportunities you locate.

The difficulty is to compare just what is legitimate as well as exactly what isn't. The primary step remains in understanding how scammers and schemers attempt to dupe you. After that, you should know ways to research as well as pick a qualified online business choice.

Tricks Work-At-Home Scammers Use

The first step to identifying if an on the internet chance is legit, is to recognize what fraudsters do to entice you in. Commonly fraud websites look legitimate, suggesting they've appeared on reliable news websites and making fantastic earnings cases. Right here are a couple of things to watch for:

1. Significant revenue insurance claims and warranties.

While there are on-line entrepreneurs that make $10,000 a month, you can bet none are doing whatever program you're looking at. The reality is, the majority of people don't make significantly online. Better, if the word “guarantee” is made use of, never mind analysis on. No person can properly (or legally) assure you earnings unless its a work and also you're being used a salary. While these websites are appealing, utilize your head as well as walk away otherwise you'll end up shedding cash.

2. Quick revenue.

Right alongside large money promises are the cases that you could have it quick, such as in 30 days. Fast, large cash is absolutely impractical. Think of it: if you could truly make $10,000 a month beginning in 30 days doing virtually absolutely nothing, would not everybody be doing it? Wouldn't you personally recognize at the very least someone doing it?

3. Sign up with now or lose out. Fraudsters want to make use of the trick that you could lose out if you don't act currently. Do not fall for this. Any type of legit work-at-home possibility will certainly be good whether you get in today, tomorrow or following year. Poor programs typically are gone within a few months (although they reincarnate a great deal).

4. All your problems fixed.

Fraudsters are the very best copywriters on the planet. Whatever factor you have to make money online, they'll promise it. It's as if their advertisements are composed specifically to you. It's tough to stand up to a program that will certainly fix all your problems, yet you need to ignore the hype and also fluff and also look for the meat of the program. When you do, you'll find that there is no meat. Scammers make huge pledges however are obscure on the details on just how that will happen.

5. No or challenging reimbursement plan.

Without a reimbursement plan, it can be hard to obtain your money back. Some programs use a refund but make you jump with hoops and also reveal evidence of your efforts before they'll consider it. While you can often obtain your cash back when you've been scammed if you submit a fraud report with your credit card business or bank, you're much better off not squandering your cash in the top place.

The Internet does not have magical powers to enable you to earn magnificent incomes over night. Any program that recommends or else is lying to you.

Ways To Research Online Home Income Opportunities

When you discover a Website providing an on the internet organisation possibility that interest you, investigate it before parting with your cash. Some things to check consist of:

1. Search for info

There should be an e-mail or phone number you can call. A physical address is handy too; however many scammers will use the name and also address of reputable firms. Having the ability to call or email allows you to speak with the company. Keep in mind that scammers are good at reacting to pre-sale emails, however not so much customer assistance or reimbursement demands.

2. Validate references

Try to find logo designs on the site of the respective customer defense badges on like the Better Business Bureau (BBB),, Alexa Ranking, i-Cop. org. Don't simply see that they're on the site, as several fraudsters will certainly have these banners making them look legit. Instead, click these logos and also you be required to the customer website where the details is located.

Seek out the domain name on the (previously called Who is) site and see the registration details.For instance, you do not intend to see a telephone number provided as 1234567890. Note, that often scammers will certainly make their details exclusive; although that doesn't indicate a personal enrollment is a fraud. It just indicates you have to do even more work.

If the company makes various other insurance claims, such as honors won or is supported by a person you trust (i.e. a medical professional or celebrity), do a Google search to confirm it. Fraudsters lie.

3. Read the guarantees and also refund plan

All reputable programs will use a warranty, such as a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Make sure the assurance is long enough that you could evaluate the program completely. Seven or 14 days isn't really long enough to learn, apply as well as generate income in an on the internet service.

Keep in mind that scammers will certainly “provide” a guarantee, too. Your goal is to read the plan very carefully making certain there're no concealed policies. The very best means to shield on your own from a fraudster that provides an assurance however doesn't repay is to utilize your bank card.

4. Comprehend what the work-at-home program includes

Some of these programs are full of hype as well as guarantees, yet no details on exactly what you'll actually be doing making money. If you reach completion of the sales page as well as do not know exactly how the money is made, walk away.

5. See if there are training as well as support

There's a whole lot that goes into getting a business possibility including learning more about the services or products you'll be selling as well as the advertising strategy. Fraudsters will frequently guarantee great deals of assistance then go away.

6. Review the fine print

I'm usually stunned at just how frequently individuals do not review what they're enrolling in, particularly if they're sending cash. The small print is where fraudsters will certainly obtain ya. It's partly just how they protect themselves from lawful problems. Also in legitimate companies, you have to read the agreement and small print.

6. See exactly what others are stating concerning the program online

A fast Google search using the program name+scam can reveal a whole lot. Pay attention to what people are stating. For instance, if there are issues about non-existent customer support or a failure to get a refund, that's a warning.

7. Rest on it

Remember, any type of program that is good today will certainly excel tomorrow. Stay clear of customer's regret as well as getting scammed by stepping away. Because scammers ready copywriters, you're often believing emotionally, tempted by the concept that all your loan troubles will be fixed if you just sign up with currently. However if you take the time to think about it, you have a possibility to let you going get in the game, providing common sense an opportunity to weigh in.

Now that You know how to spot scams, schemes and not so legal “Opportunities” I will share with you the 4 sites that I know are wonderful and that you can indeed earn as a Free Member and/or as an upgraded member.

Tony Lee Hamilton The Marketing Veteran
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I am here and will gladly assist you whenever you ask me for my Assistance –

Below I will share with you the best way to get started earning online and the best part is that you can get started now for Free!

Follow the instructions below and I will be available to assist you all along the way when you ask for my assistance at the various sites.

Click on each of the 4 below to learn more about them.

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All 4 of the sites above when you join them and then complete your profile page at them will be able to grow each other in a way that at first you may not believe, trust me you'll soon realize how and be glad that you did.

At each of the sites set up your profile page right away by adding your picture and a short bio (You will be able to edit and/or change the picture and/or bio anytime) When you have any questions at all I welcome them and ask that you ask the questions about the sites above by messaging me on the site with the question that you have or on Facebook, Instagram or at via e-mail.

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Simply type in what you are looking for and the posts will be shown for You!

The YouTube Video below is from the Network Marketing Pro Founder Eric Worre GoPro!

7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Updated on 21 April 2018 per an awesome question from a reader:

I would recommend for a complete newbie to Online Marketing start at Wealthy Affiliate, then go to Social Media Traffic Exchange to be able to share their WA Affiliate link as well as banners so as to then be able to cover the cost of upgrading at WA.

Next I would recommend Global MoneyLine because that site is also a very easy place to share both WA and SMTE in order to earn even more referrals and grow the monthly passive and residual income.

Lastly I would recommend the IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial site as it is a more complicated and detailed site full of Internet Marketers sharing many different programs within the platform.

The IBO site is an amazing site as well as are the other 3 above are, anyone who wants to earn an income online will surely be able to when joining the sites and following my advice when asking for it.

Even more advanced Internet Marketers can click on the menu tab above that says “Other Recommendations” to see how I earn an even greater amount of income online as well as help many Friends earn online also.

Below I am going to also add my Facebook & Instagram accounts for you to Like & Follow as I can very easily be reached at them as well.

Are you struggling to find the motivation to build an affiliate or network marketing business?

These affiliate/network marketing quotes should help.

They illustrate just how powerful affiliate/network marketing really is, and how easy it is for individual to learn and start making passive income.

  • “Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.” -Bo Bennet
  • “Without passion, you don’t have energy; without energy, you have nothing. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion”. – Donald Trump
  • “Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” – Napoleon Hill
  • “In advertising, not to be different is virtual suicide.” – Thornton Wilder
  • “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” – David Packard
  • “The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be.” – David Ogilvy
  • “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – Bill Bradley
  • “Goals: there’s no telling what you can do when you when you’re inspired them, there’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them, and there’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.” – Jim Rohn
  • “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins
  • “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.” – Thomas Edison

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to generate income from online web content. While there are lots of true tales of Internet business owners amassing small fortunes by supplying high-converting recommendation results in associate companies, this fairly simple idea isn't really always as basic to carry out as it shows up.

To make the trip that little simpler, here are 5 basic tips for prospective associate marketing professionals:

1. Pick Your Niche

A common mistake of those new to affiliate advertising and marketing is to target a broad swath of the most popular and also lucrative product or services, making it nearly difficult to generate enough relevant, lasting website traffic to continually complete. You could obtain more grip when starting by formulating your approach around the sort of material you have an interest in as well as with the ability of producing, and afterwards cultivating a thorough plan for advertising relatable, in-demand products within your specific niche.

In a globe of increasingly effective search engine formulas that have aided make quality web content king of the Internet, the means to attain lasting success is to become a relied on source of information as well as insight on subjects that are an all-natural fit to describe on an associate basis.

2. Create Valuable Content

A reliable affiliate project shifts far from standard pay-per-click strategies by placing the concentrate on advertising material (as opposed to specific items) to a certified targeted audience. The course to creating productive relationships online is via continually providing content loaded with details that your readers, viewers, audiences locate pertinent as well as engaging. It's just what first brings in a target market to your network, compels them to keep coming back, as well as establishes a level of authority that aids customers feel comfy acting on your associate web links.

By giving your visitors info that supplies workable takeaways and prepares them to earn even more enlightened acquiring choices, you become a source they will certainly value, go back to typically, and show their network of pals.

3. Cross-Channel Promote

While a vital element to an effective material method for associate advertising is to utilize on the internet copywriting and also SEO finest practices to attract search traffic, few will certainly achieve success without the standard semblance of a cross-channel advertising project. The healthy and balanced flow of certified traffic is the gas that powers the associate advertising and marketing machine, and the very best method to broaden your reach, increase exposure, and forge much deeper connections is with multi-channel interaction.

From constructing an interactions listing for straight email marketing, to advertising your web content through social channels as well as online media outreach, the concept is to get all of your actions and also efforts working in unison to build your target market and also advertise your brand name.

4. Understand Your Legal Obligations

Modern marketing experts are urged to pay attention to legal guidelines that regulate the means they conduct their business online. When it concerns associate advertising particularly, there are extremely particular locations of conformity that need to be recognized and also complied with in order to safely steer clear of government infractions.

While anybody joining an associate program (whether by simply connecting to Amazon or supplying comprehensive item points out recommendations) need to be thoroughly familiarized with one of the most current FTC laws, it's critical to begin by comprehending that any entity associated with a compensated associate connection should make complete disclosure.

Smart associate marketing professionals not only accept the duty policies play in safeguarding the American customer from deceptive advertising, however additionally the chance disclosure provides for winning the count on as well as support of a target market. Let your site visitors understand that if they click on an affiliate web link that it makes your site money, as well as that you only provide a favorable review for products and brands that you would certainly endorse completely free.

5. Utilize Software Tools to Unlock Efficiency

By all accounts, it is the small details that ultimately turn the ranges of trouble in running an associate marketing program. Entrepreneurs and also online authors just beginning ought to comprehend exactly how software application remedies such as Skimlinks not just lower the workload of running campaigns by automating lengthy details, however additionally supply insight and also accuracy in effectively monetizing your web content.

By connecting with a solution that assists link the ideal products to your internet site, blog, or perhaps social media articles and products all the tools you have to track, examine and optimize your associate relationships, you could turn on rewarding streams of profits with smooth accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is an effective money-making strategy for numerous online entities– nevertheless, as simple as it remains in concept, success is seldom as very easy as it looks. By picking a lasting long-lasting approach, committing sources to quality content production as well as promo, understanding lawful obligations, and also enhancing with software program services, you could position your associate advertising and marketing program on the path to success.

What added affiliate advertising suggestions can you recommend?

I am not nor have I ever been a Member at MOBE, I do have many Friends who were.  Friends, feel free to view this post as well MOBE FTC Shutdown – I welcome you all to join the above 4 sites and I will assist you in earning and learning online.

Contact me anytime my Friends and I look forward to assisting you in learning and earning online!


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  1. I really wish I had 5k to drop on a single training course. 

    The person selling it would have to be an extremely smooth talker! 

    Thank you for reiterating how important it is to do your research before agreeing to purchase anything online.

    There are a lot of marketers offering big things but true success in the internet takes time and commitment. 

    Luckily Wealthy Affiliate offers a firm foundation and everything else needed to be successful if you want it bad enough!

    • Hi Cassie,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend.

      Wealthy Affiliate does indeed offer  a form foundation for our success and at a very affordable and minimal cost.

      Talk with you soon Cassie, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  2. Hi Tony, 

    Great information here on your site.

    You seem to really know a lot about Affiliate Marketing. 

    You have a great perspective on Wealthy Affiliate and Marketing in general, You offer grate advice and an in depth look into the do’s and don’ts of what to look out for when it comes to SCAMMERS. 

    I almost signed up for MOBE, but luckily I found out they were shut down by the FTC before joining. 

    I like that you talk about how some Affiliate companies offer loads of money, but don’t really explain how you will be making the money. It is just a bunch of false hope or promises that lead nowhere.

    I love your “social media traffic exchange” review where you explain how to make money while you grow your online business and other ways to make money online. 

    I get why they call you the “Marketing genius and veteran” You really know what you are talking about here. 

    I love your websites and all you share to help others looking to make an honest living online! 

    Thank you Tony and I wish you continued success!

    Aaron G.

    • Hi Aaron G,

      You are welcome and thank you for the wonderful compliments my Friend.

      Yes, MOBE has been shut down by the FTC and I have also written a post here on this website about that.

      Earning a legitimate income online while assisting Friends from all over the World in earning as well is my calling in life Aaron so I am blessed to be able to accomplish greatness in this area my Friend.

      Social Media Traffic Exchange is a wonderful place to share any safe and secure affiliate site and/or referral link to gain referrals, leads and/or traffic.

      Talk with you soon Aaron, you are welcome back anytime.


  3. Aside from following you on Wealthy Affiliate, finding this post is a great help. 

    Someone else also mentioned, any questions that I had were answered by the end of the post. 

    One thing I’m still wondering, are these other 3 sites geared for more affiliate marketing sites or do they help with specific niches also?

    • Hi there Chef Brett,

      Thank you for stopping by and also for the wonderful compliment that you follow me on WA and that this post is also of great help to you.

      The other 3 sites while being more geared towards the Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online niches, they are also very valuable when used for any other niche my Friend. 

      Talk with you soon Chef Brett, You are welcome anytime.


  4. I believe that more than ever in this day and time so many people are interested in having a home based business because of all the benefits that it offers. 

    I must agree that a whole lot of work is involved but the good news is the hard work will pay off. 

    What you are offering is pretty amazing and will help your readers.

    • Wonderful Norman,

      thank you my Friend for stopping by, reading and also for endorsing My Top 4 Recommendations.

      Working while focusing on the future goals is the key Norman and along with the proper sites success comes naturally.

      Talk with you soon Norman, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  5. Hello Tony,

    Your information is solid and easy to follow. i found out many items to look out for while reading your article. 

    The specifics are to me the most valuable and seem to be of the utmost importance when looking for a work from home program that is legit.

    After debunking, or giving information on what to look for and allowing others to join you and learn more is an incredible tool for the beginner. 

    Transparency is very well done. Anyone can see that you are legit and ready to help others build their dream of being a business owner and earning money on their terms and time. 

    The encouragement you offer and insight to other credible platforms in affiliate marketing is a plus as well. 

    This gives your audience more options and may open their minds to other areas that they enjoy to build a stronger web presence. 

    Thank you for your Superfantastic recommendations!!!

    • Hello Timothy,

      you are welcome my Friend and I am happy that you found this article helpful.

      You are welcome anytime and I welcome you to any one, all 4 or any combination of the Top 4 recommendations that I have shared here within this post.

      Talk with you soon Timothy,


  6. Tony, 

    you have some great information here. 

    I had some questions while I was reading your post, but you answered them by the time I got to the end.

    You make a lot of good points, but one of the unfortunate things is people jump into what they think is a good opportunity without checking into it properly. 

    If people would use your 7 ways to research the company, they would have less heartache in the end. 

    In fact, I may write them down and keep for reference so I don’t forget. especially the 7th one “Rest on It”.

    Thank you for providing some great information. 

    Hope to talk soon!

    • Wayne,

      thank you for letting me know that you found this information great my Friend and that many of your questions were answered.

      You are welcome back anytime Wayne, rest on the information & we shall talk soon my Friend.


  7. I used to fall for these scams because I was looking for the easy way out and thus I lost a lot of money. I thought that these get-rich-schemes would have a secret blueprint, formula or magic button that I could push and that it would make me money without me lifting another finger.

    But what I soon came to realize is that they were all the same and so I started reading reviews about them. That’s when I realized that I had to change my mindset; if I wanted to make any money online, then I had to learn and most importantly, WORK for it.

    I am currently with Wealthy Affiliate and I am so glad I joined this program. As a person who had no knowledge of how money is made online, I have progressed so much! I now understand so much more of what happens behind the scenes and what it takes to be successful.

    • Hi Reyhana,

      Thank you for sharing your past experience with weeding thru the scams online my Friend.

      It’s wonderful that you have found Wealthy Affiliate and the other 3 of my Top 4 Recommended sites for earning online. 

      The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on shady and not so legitimate platforms, most recently MOBE has been shut down by the FTC, read more about it here.

      Thank you Reyhana for stopping by my Friend, you are welcome back anytime.


  8. Hi Tony,

    Thanks a lot for your recommendations. I’m building my online business with WA, and I find SMTE extremely interesting at this stage of my project. I’ll have a closer look and take the plunge! This is all so very new to me, and it’s been an exciting trip so far….looking forward to the next steps!

    Thanks again, and all the best,


  9. I agree with your contents, because, many scammers supports help for many peoples to do online business. 

    Also no fast earning from starting to first 30 days. really yes, many fraudulent people provide supports to eat our money. 

    Actually, your post is more important and informative for us. 

    There are some other very essential post links that are also useful for us to develop our career in the field of affiliate marketing. 

    Thanks and great support the information

    • You are welcome my Friend and thank you for letting me know that this post and the links to my Top 4 Recommendations are essential in Affiliate Marketing.

      Talk with you soon,


  10. Wow! 

    You bring a lot of information here that would be worth to read it several times before deciding on the right program to stick to build a successful online business. 

    I’ve tried with a broad range of information to form a complete idea of what all this stuff is about, but I have to say that finding a thorough and professional note like yours is uncommon. 


    • You are welcome Tommy,

      it’s my pleasure to share with and assist Friends in earning an income online my Friend.

      I have been earning online for 11 years now so I have learned from many Friends as well, I am now able to do my part in returning my knowledge and expertise as The Marketing Veteran.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading Tommy, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  11. You have an interesting mix of opportunities here Tony. They all seem to compliment one another.

    I am interested in making money online and find it a jungle out there when trying to decide what to try.

    Do you offer any support if I decide to try one of your recommendations?

    • Hi Chris,

      yes my Friend, I absolutely do offer my support when you join any of the 4 sites my Friend.

      You are welcome anytime Chris,


  12. Hey Tony, 

    glad I found your site. Great information here for really anyone interested in making money online. 

    Your Social Media Traffic Exchange intrigued me and I like the uniqueness of it.

    Would you elaborate on how much traffic is generated, or is it based on “banner credits”? 

    Also, are the banners rotated as the page(s) are loaded or for every page view? 

    I’m interested in this because this could be a very easy and straightforward way to gain traffic. 

    Thanks Tony.

    • Hey Thomas,

      thank you for finding this post on my website y Friend.

      The Social Media Traffic Exchange site is indeed very unique, even compared to other traffic exchanges because SMTE is a secure site.

      The banners that are viewed are based upon what size banners that you share along with the amount of Friends who utilize the traffic exchange.

      SMTE is indeed a straightforward and secure way to gain traffic to websites and/or affiliate links as well.

      You are welcome back anytime Thomas and welcome to Social Media Traffic Exchange my Friend,


  13. Hi there Tony,

    Thank you kindly for sharing your top 4 recommendations with us, really appreciated.Thanks.

    Gotta say..some really interesting choices and recommendations there, particularly Wealthy Affiliate!, regarding WA – how do you see affiliate marketing and niche site marketing going in 2018 and beyond?

    Your thoughts and experience appreciated

    • Hi there Derek,

      You are welcome and thank you for stopping by to comment as well as for your question about affiliate and niche site marketing in 2018 and beyond.

      I see affiliate marketing going more toward social media sites and less into the long blog writing of the past.

      I do believe that potential buyers will still search the internet for information and recommendations as well as reviews.

      Because more and more are becoming tech savvy and are more inclined to buy directly from the source even after reading and receiving great information on a niche website.

      The way that I see this not being the case is when the niche blog writer/reviewer is also utilizing social media and has created an audience.

      Thank you Derek, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  14. Hey Tony

    I have recently gotten started with WA but am definitely interested in anything that will assist me with becoming successful.

    Glad I found your post. Was looking for other ways to promote WA.

    Gonna start with Social Media Traffic Exchange per your recommendation and later I’ll probably join the other sites.

    • Hey Mr. C,

      Congratulations on getting started and also upgrading at both Wealthy Affiliate and Social Media Traffic Exchange my Friend.

      You will find that as a Premium Member at WA and as a Lifetime Gold Member at SMTE that you have propelled your online earnings and those along with Global Moneyline and IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox that you’ll soon be earning a full time income online.

      Talk with you soon Mr. C, 

      contact me anytime my Friend,


  15. Thank you for sharing Tony,

    I don’t know if I can sign-up for all of the sites at once. 

    Which site do you recommend as the best to get started for making money online?

    Is any of them better for a beginner trying to make money online? 

    I’m just not sure where I should start.  


    • Hi Ty,

      The first site that I would highly recommend for you being a beginner would be Wealthy Affiliate.

      For anyone who is already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would next highly recommend Global Moneyline as it’s a wonderful place to share the WA Referrals Links as well as any other Affiliate Program and/or website.

      3rd of the 4 that I would recommend would be Social Media Traffic Exchange as it’s also a wonderful site to share Wealthy Affiliate and/or any secure website and/or affiliate links and banners.

      Last of the 4 that I would highly recommend is IBO IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox, not because it’s less of a great site than the other three, mainly because it’s more in depth and involved than the other 3 and also highly populated with other Internet Marketers.  It is actually a wonderful place to share all 3 of the other sites as well as any website and/or affiliate links.

      Thank you Ty for stopping by and for your questions my Friend, you are welcome back anytime.


  16. Heey Tony!

    I really love your advice to join the other platforms to cover the cost of going premium at wealthy affiliate.

    I’ve never never tried the other plaforms, but I have tried wealthy affiliate and I have to say I’m highly satisfied with courses and everything I’ve learned up till now.

    The best of luck with your endeavors.


    • Hey Rogier!

      Thank you for taking the time to view and respond to this post my Friend.

      I welcome You and all Friends who are looking to earn a legitimate income online from anywhere in the world to join each of the 4 Recommended sites and utilize them now.

      Contact me anytime Rogier, I welcome you anytime my Friend.


  17. Hello Tony!

    Thanks for the intriguing advice! I’m really interested in Social Media Traffic Exchange and these other programs you’ve recommended. 

    I am already a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, but I’m interested in these others. 

    What do they cost to join?

    I have been looking for ways to promote Wealthy Affiliate, but I haven’t had any success trying this on Google+ and that’s the only place I’ve really tried.

    • Hello Jordan,

      Thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting as well as asking your questions my Friend.

      All 3 sites are Free to join and all 3 are also amazing places to promote Wealthy Affiliate in order to increase referrals as well as income Jordan.

      Contact me anytime, talk with with you soon.


  18. I also heard wealthy affiliate before and I also have heard a lot of success stories as well. 

    I wonder how long it takes to reach success. 

    What are your experiences with it and how much should I work? 

    I think of working a couple of hours every day. 

    What are your experiences with these?

    • Hello Furkan,

      Success is different for each of us my Friend and there are so many variables involved.

      I do know that I have assisted many Friends to become financially free when they joined me at Wealthy Affiliate along with the other 3 sites that I have recommended here.

      Friends who are coachable and have focus are able to accomplish great success and reach their goals in a relatively short time compared to those who aren’t.

      Thank you Furkan for your wonderful question, you are welcome anytime my Friend and I will be here to assist you when you ask.


  19. Hallo there,

    I bumped into this website somewhere on social and decided to check I it out as it kind of caught my attention. This was the best move as it turns out it was the solution I was looking for.

    I wanted the best platforms to make money online with and you have offered me just that. I will surely look more into wealthy affiliate and social media traffic exchange. Thanks a lot.

    • Hello Dave,

      thank you for bumping into my website my Friend.

      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and Social Media Traffic Exchange as well, they are 2 great choices for just getting started out and the other 2 can easily be added when you get up and running/earning on the internet my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Dave, you are welcome anytime.


  20. Hi Tony

    I just wanted to thank you for this blog post as it helped me better understand how to go about the W.A side of things and of course the other recommendations; I have much to learn from W. A and btw, my profile name on there is Micky501, and I also wanted to thank you for following me,whatever led you to do so,thank you so much for that as I am in need of people who are genuine about their goals, businesses and their walk with God as well as with a desire to return the blessing/favour. I appreciate on W.A there are many people from different parts of the world with different belief systems but it is amazing to see what you have done with this website (loving the Captain Tony drawing btw) and of course with what the founders of W.A have done as well considering what bad rep affiliate marketing can get but as well as the good etc.

    Anyway, if you do feel led to get back in touch, please do so either via here or through other methods if you so desire such as PM on W.A or email. Be blessed and hope all goes well for you and the community around you! 🙂 Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this article on my website my Friend.

      The caricature drawing was done by a WA Friend named Frank who lives in Hawaii and it’s supposed to be for The Marketing Veteran even tho as you know, it is Captain America with my head and face.

      Talk with you soon Mike, contact me anytime my Friend.


  21. Hi Tony

    Thank you for your answer to David regarding newbies, as it cleared up some confusion on my side as well. I’m brand new to WA, still have to start the training though, it’s just to get the time. I’m glad you followed me, as I feel I’m on the right path now, for I am lost at this stage going forward…

    Lots of gratitude

    Tania Hattingh

  22. Hi there Tony! 

    Thank you for taking the time to share these resources! 

    I’m just getting my WA page off the ground. 

    I’m exciting about looking more into the sites that you mentioned in the article to boost that process along. 

    As just a general comment, I love how open you are to assisting people at any level of starting/running an online business. 

    I can tell from your post and your comment thread that you truly have a passion for what you’re doing. 

    I look forward to reading more of your posts on you site!

    • Hi there Sean!

      You are welcome and thank you my Friend and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you for your compliments and for your continued viewing of my posts Sean.

      Talk with you soon,


  23. Tony! 

    Thank you for the recommendations! 

    There are so many marketers out there trying to get newbies onto their sites so they can get them to buy their overpriced programs! 

    One thing I have noticed with the ones you recommended is that they are valuable! 

    Value packed and worth the money. 

    I’ll definitely be checking out some of your other articles as well.

    • Wonderful Cassie!

      I understand my Friend and that’s why I love recommending these programs as they free for as long as you need them to be and aren’t free trials.

      Contact me anytime Cassie, you are welcome anytime.


  24. I am a member of wealthy affiliate but am really interested in joining the social media traffic exchange.
    It makes perfect sense to be using this.
    I am interested in your other two recommendations but want to do a little more reading first.
    You have given me so much to think about and plenty of jobs to do.
    Great post

    • Wonderful Karen,

      thank you for reading and commenting and welcome to Social Media Traffic Exchange my Friend.

      There are many articles about the other 2 sites right here on my website Karen and I welcome you to also contact me with any questions as well my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Karen,


  25. Thank you for the wonderful post you shared. My number one is the wealthy affiliate and I glad to be a full member.

    I will be trying out the social media exchange platform you mentioned as I have just read through the article on your other page, it makes sense.

    The results of your social media activities are simply amazing. Just it up and keep them coming, please.

    I am glad I came across this article today.

    • You are welcome Richard and thank you my Friend for viewing and sharing.

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed my #1 site that I share with Friends ho are just getting started learning and earning online.

      Talk with you soo Richard as you are welcome anytime,


  26. Thanks for these 4 recommendations Tony.

    From what I gather wealthy affiliate is the main training source at which you’ll learn how to make money online / build a business.

    Then the other programs are ways to help you increase traffic to your current websites.

    Do you use all 4 of these programs on a daily basis, and if so which one would you say helped you the most to make a full time living online?

    • Hi Michael,

      You do have the basic idea my Friend and yes I do utilize each of the websites everyday.

      Using each of the 4 websites that I highly recommend has helped many Friends who I assist to also earn an income while working from home 100% online Michael.

      I love assisting Friends and you are welcome anytime Michael,


  27. Hey Tony Lee!

    What’s up? I wished I would have read this article before I started reviewing online marketing products. 

    It would have been way easier for me to follow your recommendations and check them out.

    I am glad I decided already for WA, but I look forward learning more about online marketing and thanks to your advice I know were to look at soon.

    Thank you so much for providing that info and offering your support.



    • Hey Johann!

      It’s never tool late to get started my Friend & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

      You can absolutely learn more about the other 3 sites that I highly recommend by performing a search right here on my website as well as after by contacting me Johann.

      You are welcome anytime and thank you for stopping by to view and comment my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Johann,


  28. Hi Tony, lots of gems in your post, and some of your advice I already have taken action with (i.e. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member for over 2 years now)…

    I will look at the other tools you advise getting and using, they are not ones I know or have dealt with to now. My main focus at the moment is e-commerce, but I still dabble in affiliate marketing…

    In that regard, the Social Media Traffic Exchange might be the one that is most appropriate for the social marketing side of my business. That one I will for sure look at…

    Global MoneyLine is one that I will look at too. I have a limited amount of time I use for affiliate marketing at the moment, as building the e-commerce business is a large endeavor…

    The last recommendation, the IBO Toolbox, is definitely one I will check out. I am always interested in getting to know other marketers in the niches.

    I appreciate the time you have spent putting this post together, there is no doubt that you are helping lead people in the right direction when it comes to online marketing and sales.

    Dave : )

    • Hi Dave,

      it’s such an honor to have you here at my post commenting my Friend.

      I look forward to connecting with you on the other 3 sites that I highly recommend as it’s been an absolute pleasure to be connected with you on wealthy Affiliate.

      You are a true leader in our industry and a great contributor, IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox, Global MoneyLine and Social Media Traffic Exchange will prove to also be great returns on the investment of your time and/or revenue.

      Contact me anytime my Friend as it’s always wonderful to hear from you.

      Cheers Dave,

      Tony 🙂

  29. Hi Tony,
    Very interesting and informative article for anyone who wants to earn extra money online.
    Being new to wealthy affiliate, am still in the initial stages of setting up my website and have learned many new things through this article.
    Thank you,

  30. Thank you, Tony, for your great step by step actions to making money online.

    FYI, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and Ibotoolbox but not the other 2 platforms.

    I have been advertising in ibotoolbox for quite some time but the response was not encouraging and had since stopped. Do I have to continue advertising there and is there any formula I can use?

    As for the other 2 platforms, I will be headed there soon.


    • You are welcome Shu Hyen Hiew,

      Thank you my Friend for stopping by and commenting.

      As far as IBO goes, consistently being active is the key.  You must build relationships within the community there just like in the outside rel world.

      Welcome to MoneyLine and Social Media Traffic Exchange my WA & IBO Friend, it’s great to now be connected with you at all 4 sites that i highly recommend to all Friends.

      Talk with you soon,


  31. Tony

    Great information laid out in manner to progress toward success. Realize it didn’t happen overnight for you but you seemed to have a organized strategy—not a bad thing to have as a soldier huh ?

    Thanks again for the plan


    • Rick,

      thank you so much my Friend for the wonderful compliment.

      You are welcome and I am honored to be teamed with you Rick and look forward to our continued success.

      Talk with you soon my Friend and thank you for stopping by,


  32. Great site,

    I am always trying to earn money and affiliate marketing is a good way to do that make money that is.

    I am a wa. member and have just started the bootcamp training and I have never heard of these sites but seems to be something to check out. 

    Should i be a little further along in my training, I mean not as a newbie or should I jump right in?

    • Thank you John and congratulations on making the wise decision to get started at Wealthy Affiliate my Friend.

      You can get started with any of the other sites that I highly recommend whenever you would like to John, it’s all up to your comfort level as well as how much time you have available.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment John and you are welcome back anytime my Friend,


  33. Hey there,

    Great information here. 

    Nice to see there is other people wanting to legitimately help others.

    You have some great points and resources to help people make a wise decision on resources to help them build their own online business, without all the fluff many websites have.

    Keep up the great work.

    All the best to your success!

    • Hey there Wayne,

      Thank you for stopping by to read about what I recommend my Friend.

      I appreciate the compliments as well as your opinion.

      You are welcome back anytime Wayne,


  34. Thank you for sharing I heard about a number of software programs that offer affiliate market training. 

    I never could find the one I wanted however Awol cost $100 per month which i found to be too expensive.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like something i would interested in for sure. 

    I ask how much does it cost to get a yearly membership?

    • You are welcome Silvano,

      I have never heard of Awol but it doesn’t sound good to me because in the Army that acronym means “Absent Without Leave” and a Soldier would get Court Martialed for that.

      I am a Veteran of The United States Army and would never wish being court martialed onto anyone.

      Also Silvano, I would love to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate my Friend as that was a very great choice to get started with.

      Wealthy Affiliate has the Free Starter Member that you first sign up to and can remain a Free Starter Member as long as you want and/or need to as it’s not a free trial.  

      The Free Starter Membership never ends until you decide to Upgrade to becoming a Premium Member at WA at which time you will receive the 1st month at the discounted rate of $19.

      After your 1st month of Premium will have the option to either pay monthly at a rate of $49 per month or at the discounted yearly rate of $359. 

      Thank you for your question Silvano, contact me anytime my Friend.


  35. These 4 seem legitimate websites to start your online journey. 

    To be honest, I have only heard about Wealthy Affiliate and Global Money Line, so I would have to check out the other two as well. 

    Do you recommend that anyone should eventually join all 4 programs or could one be sufficient for online success?

    • Hi John,

      thank you very much for the question my Friend.

      Anyone can absolutely be successful with any of the 4 recommended sites, everything depends upon the person’s unique solution so there is no pinpoint exact answer.

      You are welcome to IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox as well as Social Media Traffic Exchange since they are the 2 that you aren’t aware of & thank you for joining me at Wealthy Affiliate and GML as well John.

      Talk with you soon, you are welcome to contact me anytime,


  36. Hey Tony, 

    great post buddy. 

    I like the angle you took discussing Wealthy Affiliate and what they offer as far as getting started in the online money making world. 

    Some people don’t have any idea where to start to begin making money online, but your guide will show them the way. 

    Plus, Wealthy Affiliate is known throughout the entire internet so it’s great that you give them the recognition they deserve not to mention that you’re seen as the guru of work from home because your post is all about it.

    Good job.

    • Thank you R.J. for your testimonial about Wealthy Affiliate my Friend and also the compliment that it’s a great post.

      The other 3 sites are awesome as well and included with my Free Network Marketing Training that I share with all Friends and family who are ready to earn an income online from anywhere in the Planet!

      You are welcome here anytime R.J.,


  37. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for sharing your Top 4.

    I am also a member of IBO. Previously, I bought some credits from them for use in my advertising. Unfortunately, all the credits gone, and yet the results are very minimal. I tried it once more, bought some credits, and then use them to advertise a squeeze page, and yet, no good results.

    Can you share some secrets on how to lower my cost in there, and finally make a killing out of IBO?

    ~ Gomer

    • Hi Gomer,

      You are welcome my Friend & thank you for sharing your experience as well as your results.

      Also thank you for the great question Gomer.

      Take a look at My IBOprofile Page and click on the Press Releases tab at the top along with reading my bio there to know how to improve your results and have a better Return on Investment my Friend.

      Contact me anytime Gomer as I am always available for Friends who ask for assistance,


  38. It is just so amazing how many people are now in this line of work. 

    Making money from home has gained great interest and it does not seem to be slowing down. 

    What you are sharing here is pretty helpful and I am sure that your readers will learn a lot from your post that’s very informative and a great help.

    • Wonderful Norman,

      thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article my Friend.

      Yes indeed, the world is becoming more and more active on the internet and those of us learning and earning now aare ahead of the masses.

      Talk with you soon Norman,


  39. Tony,
    Great recommendations!

    I think all of these programs are good and they will integrate well with one another. 

    My only concern would be for someone who is a complete newbie to online marketing as they could become overwhelmed trying to setup and integrate four different platforms. 

    Is there a sequence that you would recommend when setting these up?

    • Hi David,

      great point and question my Friend!

      Yes, I would recommend for a complete newbie to Online Marketing start at Wealthy Affiliate, then go to Social Media Traffic Exchange to be able to share their WA Affiliate link as well as banners so as to then be able to cover the cost of upgrading at WA.

      Next I would recommend Global MoneyLine because that site is also a very easy place to share both WA and SMTE in order to earn even more referrals and grow the monthly passive and residual income.

      Lastly I would recommend the IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial site as it is a more complicated and detailed site full of Internet Marketers sharing many different programs within the platform.

      The IBO site is an amazing site as well as are the other 3 above are, anyone who wants to earn an income online will surely be able to when joining the sites and following my advice when asking for it.

      Even more advanced Internet Marketers can click on the menu tab above that says “Other Recommendations” to see how I earn an even greater amount of income online as well as help many Friends earn online also.

      Thank you very much David for this great question that I believe will help so many readers of this post.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  40. Hi, Tony!

    I’ve actually heard of Wealthy Affiliate, IBOToolbox and Global Money Line before.

    And after looking into those 3 programs, I would definitely say that WA is the best place for starting and learning to build a profitable business as an affiliate marketer.

    As for your other recommendations, I see them as traffic sources for when you already have a business in place.

    I do also like that all 4 methods allow us to get started with no money down. 🙂


    • Hi Neil,

      Yes I agree my Friend that Wealthy Affiliate is indeed by far the best place for anyone just starting to learn internet marketing to start with.

      As far as waiting to join the other recommendations, I must disagree with you.

      The 3 other sites are great place to share your WA Affiliate link an/or banners at to gain referrals to Wealthy Affiliate Neil.

      The ability to get started at all 4 of them and remain a free member as long as needed without having to give financial information is an absolutely great value included.

      Thank you Neil for stopping by, reading and commenting my Friend.


  41. Is IBOtoolbox a Legitimate Business Owner Toolkit or Waste of Time?Nice little post here. 

    Love the picture Captain…

    Thank you for sharing this post and for providing more information on your recommendations via other posts here on your website.

    I love the ability to learn more about your Top recommendations by being able to utilize your search bar and submitting Wealthy Affiliate, IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial, Social Media Traffic Exchange and Global MoneyLine.

    All the best to your success!

    • Thank you Wayne for taking the time to read this article as well as the time to do the searches and viewing the other posts as well.

      I appreciate your time and communication Wayne, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  42. Short and sweet.

    It looks like you are leading people in the right direction. 

    Are you using these sites as well? 

    I can tell on two of them. 

    I’ll take a look at your post about each one. 

    From first glimpse they look interesting. 

    I would love to learn more. 

    I noticed you posted them for someone else so I will take a look.

    • Wonderful Alexis,

      Yes my Friend, I do indeed utilize all of the sites on a daily basis.

      Contact me anytime when you take a look at the posts here on my website Alexis as I am knowledgeable within each of them.

      Talk with you soon Alexis,


  43. Hallo there,

    Thank you for letting us know about your top 4 recommendations to use to make money and online success with.

    I see you have given 4 sites that should be joined and was wondering if they work in the same way or if one complements the other and how much will I need to maintain the accounts and make money through them?

    • Hello Dave,

      the 4 sites are definitely not to be joined my Friend & they do indeed compliment one another.

      All 4 sites can be utilized as a Free member and all 4 have the ability to earn as a Free member as well.

      They do of course all have the ability to earn more when upgrading and the return on investment ROI is amazing with all 4 when a Friend is able to upgrade with them.

      I also personally assist all Friends who ask me for help in order for them to be able to earn with all 4 of them, 1 of them or even 2 or 3 of them.  The best results will happen when all 4 are utilized together but a new Friend can and should go at their own pace.

      Thank you Dave for the great questions my Friend,


  44. Hi, Tony,

    It looks like you’ve come up with an integrated marketing strategy or money making plan that incorporates the 4 websites you listed. 

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and have been for a year now, and I read your post on Global Moneyline. 

    I don’t know what IBOSocial / IBOToolbox is, or Social Media Traffic Exchange. 

    Have you written posts explaining those programs too? 


    • Hi Grant,

      yes my Friend I have written posts about IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial & Social Media Traffic Exchange my Friend and they can be found by doing a search in the search bar at the right side of this website.

      The 4 sites that I highly recommend do indeed make an amazing marketing strategy and work very well when utilized independently but also with each other.

      As you know, Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing site and since you have read about Global MoneyLine I am also confident that you have seen the value in that platform as well Grant.

      Thank you for viewing and for your questions my Friend, contact me anytime.



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