SEO Beginner’s Tutorial & Guide

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO is a marketing discipline that focuses on increasing a websites online presence.

Search engines use SEO to drive traffic to websites, improve a page’s rank, and increase awareness of the page.

There are lots of aspects to exercising proper SEO tactics. From the content that the site provides, to the way that the site links to other websites within the same niche, understanding how SEO works is vital to operating a successful website.

Does A Website Need SEO?

Every website that wants to be acknowledged by the search engines needs SEO. Most online traffic is driven by three search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Social media and other methods of advertising can drive traffic to your site, but search engines are the primary navigational tool used by online users.

The traffic that is sent to a website through search engines is unique.

Search engines will provide targeted traffic to websites.

The traffic driven to a site via a search engine is taken to the site because it provides what the user is searching for.

If a search engine cannot locate your website, or add content from your site into its database, you will miss out on a lot of targeted traffic.

Search queries are the words that people type into a search bar to locate information. These words carry an extraordinary value. Search engine traffic can either make or break a websites success.

Targeted traffic can provide a variety of benefits to a website owner.

These benefits come in the form of revenue, publicity, and exposure, no other channel of marketing can do the same. Investing in SEO training and consulting will yield an incomparable rate of return in comparison to other types of marketing.

How Search Engines Operate

Search engines have two primary functions.

They crawl and index websites, based off the information they gather, they provide users with a ranked list of sites that are relevant to their search. We interact with search engines every time that we access the internet.

Crawling and indexing websites is the first function of a search engine.

Links allow the automated crawling robots employed by search engines to reach millions of documents on the web.

To reach these documents, they must be interconnected.

Once a search engine has located a page, they decipher the code from the website and store it into a massive database.

The database will be accessed whenever someone submits a search query that matches the information on a specific website.

Search engines can store massive amounts of information due to large data centers scattered all over the world.

Search engines provide answers to questions.

Whenever a person performs a search on the internet, the search engine will scour through billions of saved documents to find the information that is being asked.

The search engine does two things when answering a user’s questions.

First, it will return relevant and useful results for the search query.

Second, it ranks the results of the search query, based on the popularity of the websites providing the information.

How Search Engines Determine Relevance

Search engines are programmed to help avid internet users.

They gauge search results based on a webpages relevance and popularity.

Search engines assume that websites that receive lots of traffic contain valuable information, so they will send users to these sites first.

The assumptions made by search engines has increased user satisfaction.

To determine a website's popularity and relevance, search engines employ mathematical algorithms to weed through the billions of web pages.

There are hundreds of variables that are considered in these algorithms. An internet affiliate marketing veteran, refers to these algorithms as ranking factors.

Why Search Engine Marketing Is Important

An important aspect of SEO is to make your website easy for users and search engines to understand.

Even though search engines capabilities have progressed since their inception, they are unable to understand websites like a human.

SEO helps the search engine determine what the site is about, and if the information on the site may be useful for online users.

Implementing the technical aspects of SEO is important.

Once all the basics have been covered, such as proper keyword placement and link building, the content must be marketed.

Search engines are unable to gauge the quality of content.

The engines rely upon the metrics of relevance and importance. They measure these metrics based off what online users do.

Two Basic SEO Practices: Keywords And Link Building

Keywords and link building are two technical SEO practices that increase a websites visibility.

Each practice must be employed successfully on a website to gain the attention of search engines.

Understanding the relevance of these practices and how to employ them onto a webpage will increase a sites SEO, which increases the sites visibility.

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Keyword Usage

Keywords initiate the search process.

They are the primary thing that search engines use when conducting a search for information.

Information retrieval is based off the keywords inputted into a search engine.

As the search engines crawl their indexed contents, they keep track of webpages based off keywords.

The engines store a keyword-based index only, of over twenty-five billion websites.

The index is broken into millions of smaller databases for each keyword or phrase.

This indexing system allows the search engines to retrieve data quickly. If a webpage needs to be ranked in a specific niche, keywords related to the niche must be added into the sites content.

For example, if a site wants to rank for the word “exercise”, then the word “exercise” should be a part of the crawlable content on the site.

Keywords dominate how humans communicate with search engines. When words are typed into a search engine, the search engine will retrieve pages based off the entered words.

The spelling, order of the words, and capitalization of the entered words provide search engines with additional information.

The engines use these pieces of information to retrieve the right pages for the search and to properly rank the retrieved data.

Search engines analyze how keywords and keyword phrases are used to help determine the relevance to a search query.

A great way to optimize a page and increase its chances of ranking high is to include keywords in three distinct areas.

Keywords should be included in the title of the content, text, and within the meta-description.

Keywords need to be specific to rank high in search engines. Specific keywords limit competition, which narrows the search results.

A great way to incorporate specific keywords into content is to use an SEO keyword research tool, such as Jaxxy.

The purpose of the tool is to locate low competition, high converting keywords or keyword phrases.

Generic keywords will help rank a page, but the competition for the keyword will not place a webpage in a high ranking.

For example, if the keyword that is incorporated into content is exercise, a query where the word is entered will yield the top results for this keyword.

If a webpage is new, search engines are unaware of its relevance, so it will rank lower.

Specific keywords increase the chances of a new website ranking high. In this instance, instead of using the word exercise as a keyword, specify the type of exercise.

For example, using the keyword phrase high intensity exercise will narrow search results.

This increases a website's chance of being indexed by a search engine, due to the specificity of the keyword phrase used.

Keyword stuffing is a practice that is frowned upon in the internet marketing world.

Keyword stuffing is a practice of incorporating irrelevant keywords into content to manipulate search engines.

Even though search engines cannot read content, like humans can, advances in technology enables search engines to uncover keyword stuffed content.

Keywords should always be naturally and strategically placed throughout a sites content.

If your content is discussing exercise, then naturally this term is going to be mentioned several times throughout the composition.

If your website is about exercise but you want to rank for the keyword dog, you cannot just sprinkle the keyword throughout the content and expect to rank for it.

The content must be relevant to the keyword or keyword phrase included in its composition.

Keywords should not be used to rank high for all high-ranking keywords. Instead, they should be used to rank high for keywords that are related to your niche.

You want to incorporate keywords into your sites content that are going to draw people to things that your site provides.

Writing SEO content takes time and patience.

Website owners have two options when it comes to obtaining relevant SEO centered content.

They can choose to write the content themselves, or employ an outside service.

An SEO article writing service understands the relevance of SEO and can compose your content with these practices in mind.

Employing a service will save time, but the choice to do so is up to the website owner.

Link Building

Link building is another technical aspect of SEO that must be employed for a web page to rank.

Search engines use keywords to build their indexes, and links to organize the order that search results are provided.

Crawlable link structures are vital to the search engines locating all pages within a website.

A crawlable link allows a search engine to browse through the pathways of a website.

There are thousands of websites that make critical mistakes in structuring their sites navigation.

If a search engine cannot access the information through the links included in the content, getting pages listed in the search engines index is impossible.

Inbound and outbound links are critical to a websites performance.

Inbound links allow search engines to crawl throughout the website.

The links should lead them from one page to the next.

If a page is not properly linked, the search engines will not know that they exist.

Great content and low competition keywords will not make a difference if search engines cannot reach your pages to index them properly.

Outbound links take users from your webpage to a different site. In most cases, outbound links are used to market products related to your niche.

Affiliate marketers will input outbound links into their content to get their readers to affiliate sites that they are associated with. Affiliate sites with high page ranks can help increase the page rank of sites linked to them.

There are many different attributes to a link.

The search engines will normally ignore the attributes, except for a no-follow link.

These links instruct search engines not to follow them, so as instructed they comply.

These tags are commonly used to stop link spam and automated blog comments.

Overtime, these links have morphed into something new.

Search engines will discount any link values if they run across a no-follow link prompt.

Search engines use linking patterns to determine the popularity of a website.

Over the years, search engines unveiled that sites that contain high quality content and information have more links than the sites that do not carry these attributes.

Today, search engines employ link analysis algorithms to properly rank websites based on this principle.

What Is Quality Content?

Quality content is content that search engines will crawl and people will want to read.

The adage, “develop quality content” is constantly recited when discussing SEO.

Although this advice may seem cliché, it is the best advice any new marketer can receive.

Useful content that appeals to readers is imperative for SEO.

Each search that a search engine performs has an intent.

The intent of the engine is to locate, learn, solve, fix, buy, treat, or understand what is being asked of it.

The search engines provide results to satisfy based off these primary factors.

Composing content that is thorough and fulfilling while addressing a user’s needs will improve a page’s chances of earning high ranks.

High quality content serves a purpose.

It answers questions that internet users may have, or teaches them something they did not know.

While keywords and link building tactics are important to optimizing a sites SEO, content is king.

All content needs to be relevant, easy to read, and answer a question.

The future of SEO is uncertain.

In a world where people choose to ask their phones and computer questions and expect a quick answer, search engine marketing will continue to thrive.

There have been claims that SEO is dead or too much SEO causes spam, but what it all boils down is what the search engines believe.

Websites continuously compete for attention from online users and placement in the search engines.

The people that have proper SEO training will benefit from increased web traffic and visibility.

While content is King and SEO optimization is critical, remember that Social Media sharing is Queen with much more immediate results so utilize Social Media sites as well!

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